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Final Fantasy 14: New Features Requested By Players - Commendation

Posted: Jun 29, 2023

Posted: Jun 29, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Recently, some Final Fantasy 14 players asked the game to add a new feature that allows them to commend others even after leaving the instance, which has aroused the interest of many players.

Final Fantasy 14


Frankly, one of the best parts of Final Fantasy 14 is the players who inhabit it. The game has been lauded for having one of the best communities, acclaimed by a wide range of FFXIV fans, and featuring stories and characters that fans love. We can also compare Final Fantasy 14 to other MMOs, where certain communities may not be as popular with fans.

FFXIV Commend

Players can express their gratitude to teammates through the commendation system. The commendation system allows players to show players they like to play with and reward them accordingly. These rewards correlate well with the various rewards players can earn through achievements, and can be valuable to you if you're a savvy collector.

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Player's Problem In Final Fantasy 14

At present, for many players, they can only commend their teammates at the end of the game, but if the player leaves the game, others will not be able to commend him. This often results in players missing out on the commendation they could have otherwise received, and many would like to see this resolved.

Final Fantasy 14 Player Requests

As a result, Final Fantasy 14 players are requesting a feature that will allow them to commend others who have left the game, so players can still be rewarded even if they leave.


"When you're in a Dungeon, it's okay to commend other players for their last good performance. However, once they leave Dungeon, you can no longer give them such a commendation. If a player is very good in the game, make you feel so impressed, you want to commend them anyway, even if they've left Dungeon. You should commend their game performance, and these players can still get the commend." Reddit community subreddit a popular post on the internet said.

Comments From Other Final Fantasy 14 Players

Immediately after this post was published, many players responded. There are even players who say that the rewards they get are all because they have good allies, so they want to commend them at the end of the game, but they can't commend them once they leave the game, which is very annoying. Although there are other players who can recommend, it seems too casual.

Many players under the post agree with the above point of view very much, and they are all complaining about the annoyance of not being able to commend when you want to commend a teammate but the prompt leaves.

FFXIV Comments

Another player pointed out that maybe because this excellent teammate has already received his own game rewards and FFXIV Gil, they are more willing to leave the opportunity of this commend to other players.

"Some Final Fantasy 14 players may choose to leave the game because they don't like being praised by their teammates. For them, the commendation is too much and they don't need it. This is also a way to avoid receiving a commendation," another one player agreed.

But basically the players in the comment area hope that Final Fantasy 14 can be updated, and hope that even if the players leave the game, they can still get the commendation. Maybe this will happen in the near future.


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