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FFXIV Guide: How To Unlock The Void Ark

Posted: Feb 22, 2021

Lately, this game shows about the future content and expansions, the most important part of which is the expansion content of Endwalker, this expansion will also be the conclusion of this story. Before the release of the new expansion, players still have a lot to do. In FFXIV, The Void Ark is a very challenging raid. This guide will show you how to unlock this raid.

About The Void Ark

The Void Ark is a 24-player raid appeared in the expansion of Heavensward . To unlock this raid, you need to have at least level 175 or higher items. If you want to win this battle, bringing 12 DPS players, 6 healers, and 3 tanks are necessary. The following is the content that needs to be unlocked in the FFXIV raid battle.

How to unlock?

To unlock this Void Ark, you need to complete a few things first:

  • "To Rule the Skies" quest - you need to be reach level 60 to accept this quest from Utata in Sea of Clouds.
  • "Sky Pirates" quest - You need to be level 60 to accept this quest from the Uniquiet Trader in Pillars.

Once you meet these requirements, you will have the opportunity to enter The Void Ark raid battle. FFXIV has made great progress compared with the previous game. 2021 seems to be a harvest year for FFXIV. The Endwalker expansion is planned to be released this fall, so to experience the ending of this legend, you need to be fully prepared.

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