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FFXIV: Get Ready For The Make It Rain Campaign Seasonal Event In 2024!

Posted: May 10, 2024

Greetings, fellow gamers! The premier Gold Saucer event in Final Fantasy XIV, Make It Rain Campaign, is coming back in 2024! In this guide, I'll walk you through the details of this seasonal event, covering how to get started and the fantastic rewards that await you.

The eagerly anticipated Make It Rain Campaign event this year is scheduled to commence on Wednesday, May 15th, and will continue its festivities until Friday, May 31st. With the theme 'March on, Imps!', this event promises an exciting custom quest line and a host of rewards tailored to fit this theme.

FFXIV: Get Ready For The Make It Rain Campaign Seasonal Event In 2024!

How To Start This Event?

Your starting point will depend on your chosen class within one of 3 prime territories in the FFXIV. To embark on this adventure, your character needs to be at least Level 15 and complete one of the quests: Gridanian Envoy, Ul'dahn Envoy, or the Lominsan Envoy, depending on your initial starting point.

Upon successfully wrapping up these quests, your journey will lead you to Ul'dah, more precisely to the Steps of Nald. Located at coordinates X:9.4, Y:9.2, just before the city gates, you may find the quest which named 'Of Impish Importance' there, and it kicks off with a conversation with the Quevain himself.

Make It Rain Campaign Rewards

In the next part, let's take a look at the rewards of the Make It Rain Campaign event. The rewards for this event are quite extensive, featuring 2 housing items and a remarkable 2-piece costume.

Armor: Imp Outfit

Let's dive into the main event rewards: the Imp outfit, comprising the Imp Head and Suit. The Imp Head is a versatile piece that can be worn by all classes and genders from Level 1 onwards. What's more, it's dyeable, opening up a world of creative possibilities for customization.

Moving on to the chest piece, the Imp Suit, which cannot be equipped with arm, leg, or foot gear. Now, this might sound limiting at first, but fear not, especially if you're new to the game. You can still pair your regular gear alongside these suits to wear them as glamour.

FFXIV Make It Rain Campaign Rewards

Items: Housing Items

Further from the armor, we will then look at 2 different housing items rewards - the Cactuar Dining Table and the Senor Sabotender Chronometer, which are one for indoor use and one for outdoor display.

The outdoor item comes with 2 Sabotenders surrounding a clock piece, making it an eye-catching furniture. As for the indoor housing item, it's likely to cater to various roleplay activities, offering a versatile addition to housing setups.

MGP In Gold Saucer

Let's delve into another exciting aspect of the Make It Rain Campaign event: the substantial increase in MGP rewards at the Gold Saucer, bolstered by an impressive 50% throughout the event's duration. It's all about maximizing your Final Fantasy XIV MGP gains during the event.

Now, for those of you who are not familiar with the Golden Saucer, you may question its significance. However, with the influx of new and returning players, the Gold Saucer has become a veritable treasure trove of rewards.

From coveted mounts to captivating glamour items, Orchestrion Rolls, essentially customizable music tracks for your home, and exclusive collaboration event rewards like those from the ongoing Final Fantasy XIV event, there's an abundance of enticing prizes to be won.

It proves to be profitable for acquiring the MGP Platinum Card in the FFXIV. Thus, having an ample reserve of MGP is always a prudent move - you simply can't go wrong with it. Therefore, this event is very worthy for players to participate!


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