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FFXIV: Futures Rewritten Is Coming, Are You Ready For Welcoming New Features?

Posted: Nov 20, 2020

The trailer for the Final Fantasy XIV 5.4 patch has been launched, and it is called Futures Rewritten. It introduces new dungeons, main storylines, raids, and relic weapons processes.

Futures Rewritten is the first major update since June, which makes many FFXIV fans look forward to it. With the end of the main storyline of Reflection In Crystal, Futur Rewritten is likely to lay the foundation for the next expansion of FFXIV.

Brief Introduction

The general plot of Futures Rewritten is: With Elidibus being defeated, the fate of the First is guaranteed, and the Scions finally return to their long-awaited source. But in the new future they are looking forward to, will that written in the historical chapter become a hymn of hope? Or is it a desperate elegy?

Raid Series

If you prefer FFXIV raids, then you do not want to miss this patch, because Eden's Promise will appear, which is the third wing of the Eden raid series. It covers the escapades of Ryne, Gaia, and the Warrior of Darkness.

This patch is the first update to the Eden raid series since February, so after 5.4 goes live, the normal difficulty and savage difficulty Eden's Promise will also appear.

PvE Content

For fans who like PVE content, patch 5.4 can also meet their needs. It introduced Matoya's Relict, a new 4-person dungeon.

Also, some information about Matoya's Relict was leaked: The Makers' Quarter is the home of the best crafters Eorzea has ever met, but since Sharlayan left, he has gradually been forgotten. So in the overgrown foliage, you can find the entrance of Archon Matoya's former workshop.

And in Futures Rewritten, a continuation of the story of relic weapon will also appear.

We don't yet know the exact release time of Futures Rewritten, but it should be in early December, and fans may not wait too long.

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