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FFXIV: Breaking Brick Mountains Events Guide

Posted: Oct 28, 2021

In FFXIV, the Breaking Brick Mountains event is underway, and it will continue until November 11.

You can get the Thug's Mug helmet and a Wind-up Brickman minion from the Dragon Quest event. As for the King Slime Crown, you can use FFXIV Gil to buy it from a vendor. During the event, you need to participate in a specific FATE to get the required quest items.

To obtain Dragon Quest items, you need to talk to an NPC, Havak Alvak, to start the questline of the Breaking Brick Mountains event. You can find him in Steps of Nald (X: 12.1, Y: 8.2) in Ul'dah.

After that, it will guide you to find a person named Beefy Businessman, located near the Thaumaturge Guild. He will let you finish a quest to collect a "chunk of Brickman". For getting this quest item, you need to participate in the "Brick by Stone Brick and Brick by Gold Brick" FATE.

How to get the Dragon Quest Event Items?

You can visit ‘Brick by Stone Brick and Brick by Gold Brick’ FATE in the area below.

* Central Thanalan (X: 18.0, Y: 23.5), Sil'dih Excavation Site

* Lower La Noscea (X: 27.0, Y: 17.3), Blind Iron Mines

* Upper La Noscea (X: 34.1, Y: 24.1), Camp Bronze Lake

* Central Shroud (X: 23.6, Y: 23.9), Bentbranch Meadows

* North Shroud (X: 15.8, 23.0), Finders' Bluff

The Dragon Quest FATE will randomly occur in a fixed location, so the fastest way to find it is to quickly go to each area to check it out. In this FATE, you will fight several waves of Earthen Brickmen. Once they are defeated, a final showdown with Stone and Gold Brickman will appear.

Go back to Ul'dah and take chunk to the Beefy Businessman to accept Dragon Quest items. You can buy King Slime Crown from Toughie (X:8.2, Y:12.2) for 57 Gil.

As Endwalker approaches, IGGM will also update some related articles from time to time. Because Endwalker is the final chapter of the story, it can be said to be highly anticipated.


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