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FFXIV: 6 Leveling Methods You Need To Know! - Preferred Worlds, Palace Of The Dead, Duty Roulette, Hunting Log And More

Posted: Jul 19, 2023

Posted: Jul 19, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Here I want to share some insights I gained while leveling up in FFXIV. These tips will help you level up faster and make the most of your game time.

Preferred Worlds

The first thing to consider when upgrading in FFXIV is your server choice. Many servers with fewer players online offer a significant advantage to players looking to level up quickly. These are often called Preferred Worlds and give you an additional 100% XP boost.

FFXIV: 6 Leveling Methods You Need To Know

To select a Preferred World, you need to first create a new character until you are faced with the world selection window. An asterisk next to the server name indicates it is a Preferred World. You’ll see an icon in the upper right corner of the screen that says “The Road to 80,” which means the XP boost is active.

Level Multiple Jobs Simultaneously

After selecting a server, we can grade multiple jobs at the same time. Classes in FFXIV are similar to classes in other MMOs. This means that you are not stuck in one class, you can switch between them as needed. This comes in handy whenever you need or want to access the lower level areas.

These areas don’t give you much XP for your higher-level work. But for lower-level jobs, they do. What’s more is that you can easily save gear sets so you don’t have to keep changing gear when you change jobs.

This is a great way to level up multiple classes at once and experiment with different play styles. Because some classes are more suitable for single player games, while others are good at team content.

FFXIV: How To Level Multiple Jobs Simultaneously?

Duty Roulette

Plus, taking Duty Roulette is another great way to level up. Duty Roulette is a series of dungeon and trial quests you can complete daily for rewarding XP. This is especially useful if you are upgrading a healer or tank. Because we always need these classes in group content.

Best of all, you can queue for Duty Roulette individually. And you’ll be matched with other players, so you don’t have to worry about not finding your party. The people who play these dungeons are friendly and chatty. So it’s also a great way to meet new people and make connections.

FFXIV: Duty Roulette

Palace Of The Dead

If dungeons are your thing, challenging Palace of the Dead is also a smart option for a quick level up. This multi-level dungeon allows players to enter alone or with a team, and successfully killing monsters in the dungeon will also drop rich FFXIV Gil. But the more progress you make, the dungeon gets progressively more difficult.

Before entering Palace of the Dead, players must first complete a short quest called “The House That Death Built.” We can do this quest in New Gridania.

FFXIV: Palace Of The Dead

Complete Hunting Log

Another great way to level up is to complete Hunting Log. Because it gives you more XP, and can be done as you venture from point A to point B. They’re a great way to level up while exploring the game world.

Hunting Log is a set of tasks you can perform at each level of scope. These tasks involve killing a certain number of monsters. After completing these tasks, it will reward you with XP and FFXIV Gil.

Hunting Log will also be relevant to your current job. This means that each class has its own Hunting Log. Whenever you kill a specific monster of a specific class, be sure to check Hunting Log for other similar classes. Because they may also need to kill the same monsters.

FFXIV: How To Level Up The Hunting Log?

Main Scenario Quests & Job Quests

Last but not least, don’t forget to complete your Main Scenario Quests and Job Quests. Completing Main Scenario Quests not only earns you valuable XP, it also rewards you with gear and food that boost your stats and increase your XP gain.

Also, completing your Job Quests will grant your character new abilities. And allows you to focus on your job at level 30, transforming it into a more powerful, advanced version. So, make sure to prioritize these tasks as they will help you a lot on your leveling journey.

After playing, please don’t forget to exit at the designated Resting Area. By logging out in one of these areas, you will begin building a rest buff. This buff increases your XP buff when you log back in.

FFXIV: Main Scenario Quests

The longer you log out, the longer the buff lasts, but there is also a limit to the buff duration. Most cities and houses with special icons are Resting Areas. You’ll know you’re in it when you see a half-moon icon next to your XP bar. Then you can safely exit and sit back and relax.

There are many other ways to increase XP and level up, but I’ve found these to be the most efficient. Hope this helps you.


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