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Elder Scrolls Online: Maybe You Need An Exclusive Golden Vendor!

Posted: May 13, 2023

Posted: May 13, 2023

Source:  IGGM

A lot of players have been talking about Golden Vendor in the community lately. As always, since it’s the weekend, I thought we’d have to talk about that as well.


We can start with the beautiful Coldharbour. We have Zenil Theran, who is one of our Luxury Furnishing Vendors. You can see that there is an Iliad Theme, which is always a popular theme. Because there are often some beautiful rare items here that are only 10 - 20 000 gold coins. Some things are even so cheap that they only cost about 4,000 gold coins.

For these beautiful rare items, I can definitely see it having very good trade value. And if this group of people won’t give it up, it’s obviously a big Golden Vendor. So this is clearly within the proper city in Cyrodiil.

ESO: Coldharbour Golden Vendor

Item Trading

I am currently in front of my Northern High Rock Gate. I have a lot to talk about with Golden Vendor. Because I own many rare Necklaces, and almost every Necklace is worth 500000 gold coins now. I bind these Necklaces to gear, which means other players can trade these items with me at any time.

We also have Alicia Shatter, which is also a great option. Unless Curse is deadly, this shield can help us resist almost all damage. There’s also Skincel Evan, which makes some exploit changes to Grace of The Ancients.

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Wrath of the Imperium Set is actually a set that I use with high health, and it’s a good combo for you guys too. This could be a suit that has a bit of trade value in the future. But, that’s really just one way we make these sets. They’re almost all worth taking advantage of in some way, and 500,000 gold isn’t too much of a waste.

Elder Scrolls Online: Golden Vendor Guide

Alliance Points Trading

Go to Golden Vendors area again, and you can see that almost every Golden Vendor has a Jewelry Sets. From really good suits, to decent suits, and everything in between. This is also a good time to discover people converting their Alliance Points to ESO Gold.

Because as you can see, it’s all Alliance Points, which means you can trade gold directly from other people in the open market. You can usually find some pretty good prices in places like Elden Root. So if you’re also interested in getting these things for gold, keep an eye out for these Golden Vendors.

These are PVP sets you can get, and there’s obviously some really good stuff here. I feel like Elf Bane is probably one of the easiest series to discuss. Because saying Deadly Strike usually has another same mentality, that’s easy to talk about.

ESO: Alliance Points Trading

Many types of people can also use them, and they also have a high trade value. But that doesn’t mean the others aren’t great. Because when I talk to you guys, you know that the market can be subtly flooded with all three of those series, and you know that the fourth series can become very profitable like you know the curse.

What do you think of this weekend’s Golden Vendors? You are also welcome to discuss your views with players in the community. Hope you can find the set you want with Golden Vendors. Good luck.


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