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Elder Scrolls Online: A Full Guide To Imperial Arcanist’s Sliders And Outfit

Posted: Jul 04, 2023

Posted: Jul 04, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Welcome back Citizens of Tamriel and Heroes of Apocrypha! Today I am going to customize the first Imperial character in Elder Scrolls Online, which is my Imperial Arcanist.

In fact, I was happy with this Slider from the start. But as usual, I had to turn on some Premium Collectibles to get the right look, i.e. eyes and hairstyle. If you use the default customization Sliders, it will not draw such attention.

Elder Scrolls Online: A Full Guide To Imperial Arcanist’s Sliders And Outfit

Outfit, Dyes & Motifs For Imperial Arcanist

Now, as for Styles and Motifs, I use Dead Keeper Style on the chest and legs. You can get it by completing the new Necrom Daily Quests or by trading with other players for ESO Gold. I then used Gloamsedge Style I got from the last Whitestrake’s Mayhem Event to make the gloves, boots and shoulders.

In the end, I opted to use Nazaray weapons since the green glow matches Arcanist skills very well. At least for sword and shield, the bow also belongs to Dead Keeper Style. I’m not sure if Wood Elf Motifs would be appropriate on this theme, but I don’t mind.

Maybe I should lean towards some kind of Druid Arcanist Hybrid. The character is actually only Level 42, so I still have some work to do, and I’m still learning the play style of this new class. Regardless, I think Nazaray weapons are working pretty well so far.

For Dyes, it’s mostly Coldharbour Ash Black with a touch of Shadowfoot Gray and Orichalc Green. This is also my favorite of the 3 armor and weapon color Dyes.

ESO: Dead Keeper Style

Collectibles For This Look

As for Collectibles, I’ve opened several. I’m glad I finally have a character with Tousled Bard’s hairstyle. I also used Eyes of the Xivilai. Anyway, Green-Eyes as Head Marking, Dark Emphasis Eyelashes, and Dwarven Sprocket Earrings.

I’m digging a Geometric Pattern on a character’s arm. Personality-wise, I’d really like to go with Telvanni Magister to get the fancy book reading emotion, but I don’t like standing with my arms crossed all the time. Either way, we’ll use Personality Designer plugin to modify the default personality.

Pet & Mount

I will continue to pick up Abyssal Tomeshell for pets. Luckily, I’ve been sitting on a bunch of Crown Gems and quite a few Seals of Endeavor.

ESO: Pet & Mount

For Mount, I thought I’d break out an old standby, Wild Hunt Guard. It matches the weapon and has a nice green glow that matches Arcanist spell. I originally planned to pair this Mount with another character, but I may change that now.

Custom Personality

Let’s quickly review Custom Personality I put together. I used Read The Letter, Reading, Doom and Juggle Flame emotes and Temperamental Grimoire Memento to expand Deadlands Firewalker’s Personality. I feel like it fits well with Arcanist.

ESO: Design Your Own Personality


That’s my idea of Sliders and Outfit for my Imperial Arcanist in ESO, all of which are actually designed for this character. Also, there are some highlights in the new chapter of Necrom. Don’t forget to inspect all the new large houses and inn rooms. Maybe you will have something different.


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