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ESO: How To Unlock Arcanist Class?

Posted: Mar 18, 2023

Posted: Mar 18, 2023

Source:  IGGM

This year Elder Scrolls Online will introduce a new class, the powerful and mysterious Arcanist class. This class will be the seventh class in ESO. It derived directly its abilities and mechanics from Hermaeus Mora’s realm of Oblivion.

Players will definitely feel the charm of magical superpowers when using this class. At the same time, players can also unlock more new classes, new characters and new areas of exploration.

The new classes not only have new character types but also brand new game mechanics. Among them, Crux is a combat mechanism that can activate this Arcanist class. The more Crux you have, the more powerful your character skills become. This has the advantage that players can develop their own gameplay based on their game strategy.

Along with this combat mechanism, we derive three unique skills. These skills will be applicable to different types of players, whether offensive, to support, and defense, or destructive, restorative, or defensive magic.

The Arcanist Class

This class will apply to players of all roles, even including DPS, support, and tank. Like many previous skills, the skills of these class are also a mixture of active, passive, and ultimate abilities.

So, how can players get this new class? It will release arcanist class on PC with the new expansion Necrom on June 5th. Console players will be able to see the new expansion on June 20th.

Players need to first acquire a Necrom expansion pack with ESO Gold to unlock Arcanist class. You can also get other new classes in the in-game Crown Store after you get the expansion pack. You can find this class under “Upgrades” then “Class”.

After your upgrade is complete, you can create new Arcanist class characters. If your new class character slot is full, the following will tell you how to unlock more other characters.

With the arrival of Arcanist class, if you filled all the character slots in ESO, what should you do except for another character? You can, of course, delete a role directly, but this is certainly not the most ideal solution.

If you own the base game, you can get up to nine other character slots in Crown Store. Of course, if you also have Elsweyr expansion, you even get ten character slots. I believe it is enough to satisfy you to build various types of characters.

Players can unlock two new characters after using the new Necrom expansion. They are Arcanist Redguard and Warden Argonian Companions. These two new characters will serve as your companions, and you can use their abilities at any time during the battle.

Elder Scrolls Online Unveils New Expansion Necrom and Class Arcanist

This new Necrom expansion is an important part of ESO Shadow of Morrowind story. This expansion will look back at the past four years featuring “year long events”, and will introduce a DLC to introduce players to this story. Shadow of Morrowind is much like that, designed to showcase the main content of the campaign with just one DLC and expansion.

The developer also stated that in the second half of this year, the goal of improving the quality of life will be to return to the storyline of the previous chapters. So Shadow of Morrowind only needs to cover one DLC introduction story. This time, the story will also end with Necrom in June.

If you’re eager to get started now, you can experience the first part of Shadow of Morrowind with Scribes of Fate DLC, which just released on PC this week. If you happen to have an ESO Plus™ membership, you can unlock DLC through Crown Store.

Meanwhile, console players will be able to access DLC on March 28. This latest expansion features two brand new dungeons and a rich storyline to discover.


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