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Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide To Endless Archive Dungeon - Info & Rewards

Posted: Oct 31, 2023

Posted: Oct 31, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Get ready to venture into Endless Archive, an all-new PVE activity that challenges you with waves of randomly generated monsters and boss encounters. 

How To Access Endless Archive?

Available to solo players, duos, and those with a Companion, Endless Archive ensures that no two expeditions are alike, with its dynamic encounters and unique rewards encouraging repeated play throughs. 

Found in Apocrypha, Endless Archive is a sacred library that a powerful Daedra has corrupted, and now Archive’s custodian needs your help. 

Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide To Endless Archive Dungeon - Info & Rewards

As part of Update 40 Patch, Endless Archive is completely free for anybody that owns ESO, which means you don’t need any specific chapter or DLC to dive right in. You can teleport to Archive via the world map, or if you’re a Necrom chapter owner, just head to Apocrypha.

Stages, Cycles, and Arcs

When you enter Endless Archive, you must contend with randomly generated waves of enemies and stages. After you’ve completed two Stages, you can then take on a boss to complete a Cycle. Complete five Cycles to confront the ultimate boss. Defeat her, and you’ve completed a single Arc.

But you’re just getting started. Keep clearing Arcs to climb the leaderboards and increase your rewards. But if you fall to Archive’s dangers too many times, your run is over. 

Each Cycle and Arc you complete increases the difficulty, ensuring that the deeper you go, the more perilous it becomes. Not only do the monsters become deadlier and more numerous, but you may discover brand-new dangers to overcome. 

Elder Scrolls Online: Endless Archive Guide - Stages, Cycles, and Arcs

Verses & Visions

To help you survive Archive’s many threats, you can acquire two different perks or buffs, known as Verses and Visions

Verses appear at the end of each stage and provide a short-term buff for the next stage only. Visions appear when you beat the boss at the end of a cycle and provide a buff that lasts for your entire run. It can even stack Visions as you complete cycles. 

Some buffs offer defensive or offensive bonuses, while others provide unique utilities. Regardless of their differences, though, Verses and Visions have a major impact on your run, so choose wisely. 

Elder Scrolls Online: Endless Archive - Verses & Visions

New Rewards

As you delve deeper into the ever-changing arenas of Endless Archive, you can discover new rewards not found anywhere else in Elder Scrolls Online. This includes special collectibles such as a mount, a pet, cosmetics, and more. You can earn tons of ESO Gold by farming this loot in Endless Archive Dungeon.

But most notably, Endless Archive is the only place you can acquire all-new Class Set items, either via loot drops or from local vendors. 

Class Sets focus on buffing specific Class Skill Lines. With seven unique sets available at launch, these items synergize with the abilities of some of the game’s individual Class Skill Lines. 

Elder Scrolls Online: Endless Archive New Rewards

New Currency - Archival Fortunes

In addition to the items and collectibles, Endless Archive also introduces a new currency, Archival Fortunes. You can trade these within the index starting area for Class Set items, Style Pages, Furnishings, special items and unique account unlocks

These account unlock can permanently increase the power of your Verses and Visions, allow additional Verse or Vision choices, and much more. 

The more Archival Fortunes you earn, the more you can empower your future Archive runs, helping you delve further and further. 

Elder Scrolls Online: Endless Archive New Currency - Archival Fortunes

Venture into a myriad of randomized arenas, either solo or with an ally. Contend with waves of monsters and challenging boss encounters. Climb the leaderboards to earn powerful and unique rewards. Endless Archive is a brand-new PVE activity for all of Tamriel’s adventurers. Good Luck!


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