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Elder Scrolls Online: Too Many Wayshrines Prevent Players From Opening Maps Properly

Posted: Nov 04, 2022

Posted: Nov 04, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Recently, a new DLC called Firesong was added to the Elder Scrolls Online map. This DLC is located on Galen, a small island off the coast of the High Isle. Although this Firesong looks large in size, it is dotted with wayshrines. This causes a problem. That is, you will often visit a place you don't want to go by mistakenly clicking at other wayshrines.

Wayshrines are fast travel markers, and you can find them on almost any map. However, this token needs to be unlocked by yourself. Whether it's the smaller regional maps or the larger, blurry Tamriel maps, as long as you successfully unlock wayshrines on those maps, they'll never go away.

However, unlocking all the wayshrines on a map will also give you some trouble. For example, if you have all the wayshrines on Galen Island, it means that the map of this small island will be limited. Specifically, you can't zoom in on the map to locate where you want to go. This way you can easily be forced to visit other locations. To solve this problem, you have to use the area list. However, many players haven't encountered this problem before, so basically missed the opportunity to get the zone list. (For more details, see Barto92's ESO forum post.)

As for the wayshrines will limit the map, players also put forward some feasible solutions during the discussion. Some players think that secondary wayshrines on Tamriel's map can be directly disabled. Some propose to change the size of the icon. And some suggest that new and old players can re-obtain the zone list.

wayshrines in Elder Scrolls Online

One player stated that he found that many of the islands on the Tamriel map, whether it was Khenarthi's Roost or the tiny Betnikh, could not be directly located. Because these islands are not only small but also full of wayshrines. He thinks that it is possible to zoom in on the islands on the map through the UI option, but the effect of zooming in is not 100% lore-friendly.

User Treeshka thinks it's possible to zoom in on islands like High Isle and Galen directly on the world map. And Maximusrex45 said that illustrations of High Isle and Galen should be made on the world map so that the islands can be enlarged a lot.

That's all for this article. If you are interested in this kind of news, you can pay attention to We will continue to launch Elder Scrolls Online related news or guides on this website. Besides, you can also buy cheap ESO Gold at IGGM, if you need ESO Gold to strengthen yourselves. Come and take a look


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