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Elder Scrolls Online: The Best Arcanist Build You Need To Try In Necrom - Bow Build

Posted: Jul 31, 2023

Today I will introduce Bow Arcanist build to you. 

Now as good as this build is already, it's also getting a solid buff in ESO's new update 39 patch, which improves bow damage at close range, making this build even stronger which is crazy. 

For this build we actually use the bow as both the main hand weapon and the backup weapon. So if you're looking for a flexible ranged Arcanist build but you don't want to use a destruction staff, then this might be the best build for you on your list first up. 

Elder Scrolls Online

Sets For The Build

For sets I recommend Deadly Strike, as this is going to buff our most powerful abilities including Fatecarver, and our Arcanist ultimate. As we saw earlier a great set to combine with this is going to be Order's Wrath crafted set, it's going to give us tons of critical chance as well as critical damage and critical healing. 

Though you could substitute this with another Overland set something like Briarheart for example, which has a strong boost to weapon and spell damage plus some extra healing. 

Elder Scrolls Online Order's Wrath

Monster Set Recommended

Now finally in terms of a monster set, my favorite option for bow builds is actually Stormfist set. This also comes from the base game so it's fairly easy easy to pick up and it provides a powerful ranged proc plus bonus stamina recovery

Elder Scrolls Online Stormfist

Skills For The Bow Arcanist And Race

Moving on to the skills for the Bow Arcanist we're using Cephaliarch's Flail, Pragmatic Fatecarver, Inspired Scholarship, Writhing Runeblades and Camouflaged Hunter with The Languid Eye as our ultimate

Remember that with the language I morph, this does do more damage than Tide King's Gaze. But it also requires that you place this skill on the ground, so you're gonna need to be careful where you aim it. 

Now on the back bar the skills I recommend are going to be Poison Injection, Endless Hail, Razor Caltrops, Channeled Acceleration and Reconstructive Domain with Sanctum of the Abyssal Sea as your defensive ultimate

In terms of race, we already mentioned the benefits of choosing Khajiit still. That's what I'm going to recommend here, as well as the thief Mondays for the increased critical chance and Lava Foot Soup-and-Saltrice for the increased stamina recovery. 

How To Play This Build?

Our back bar skills will be primarily focused on Buffs and Debuffs, as well as our two main bow skills, that being Poison Injection and Endless Hail. Usually you'll start your Rotation by buffing up and then dropping those Bow Skills along with Razor Caltrops to debuff the enemy's armor, which can help you get ESO Gold faster. Once your Buffs and your dots are set, you can then swap to your front bar bow, which is where you're going to have most of our Arcanist damage skills waiting. 

Elder Scrolls Online Poison Injection

Now as you saw I have loaded my front bar with all of my Herald of the Tome abilities except for one, you can actually flex in that one as well, and I've done this for a good reason, especially if you like solo play. The reason for that is Arcanist passive called Splintered Secrets. This gives you nearly 1000 offensive penetration for each Herald of the Tome ability slotted. So with anywhere from five to six Herald of the Tome abilities active on your front bar, that's basically like running an extra level Mundus stone for free. 


All in all, this build plays and feels incredibly good, it will be gaining even more power in the next update, thanks to those bow changes coming in update 39. 

So if you're interested in the bow play style on Arcanist, I definitely recommend you check this one out. 


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