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Elder Scrolls Online: The Best Arcanist Build You Need To Try In Necrom - One Bar Stamina Build

Posted: Jul 28, 2023

Now is a great time to jump into Elder Scrolls Online, whether you're brand new to the game or you haven't played in a while. Thanks to the release of the new Elder Scrolls Online Necrom chapter, and especially ESO's newest class released as part of that chapter Arcanist.

Elder Scrolls Online

Darkness is definitely one of my favorite ways to play ESO right now, so much so that I've basically been doing everything in the game I possibly can on my Arcanist. Talking PVE contents, PVP, solo play and even groups and Arcanist can handle literally everything I've thrown at it so far.

The build I'm about to show you is extremely powerful easy to set up, let's get to the build.

One Bar Stamina Build introduction

Speaking of simple builds, it literally does not get any easier than a one bar Arcanist. This build is called Crux Cannon and it's perfect for both solo and group PVE content, but especially for soloing, more difficult content like Dungeons and Arenas.

Elder Scrolls Online Arcanist

This build does a ton of damage but because it's a one bar build you don't need to worry about complicated rotations or even bar swapping, which is amazing. This is definitely the easiest way to play Arcanist in ESO.

Now I've gone with a stamina focused build in this case, but you can also play as a magic of focused one bar Arcanist if you prefer, in this case we're using dual daggers to maximize our critical chance.

Sets For The Build

Deadly Strike

Simply put if you like Arcanist, then you need to get deadly strike set as soon as possible. The reason deadly strike is so good on Arcanist is that it Buffs your main damaging abilities, including the Fatecarver beam and your offensive ultimate.

Elder Scrolls Online Deadly Strike

Seriously the 15% bonus here is so good, that I use it on many of my more damage focused Arcanist builds, if they use Fatecarver beam.

Order's Wrath

The next that I would recommend is Order's Wrath, now as a crafted set Order's Wrath is fairly easy to get plus if you're not into crafting, it's easy enough to get someone else to craft it for you, or if you have enough ESO Gold, you can probably find this for sale on Guild Traders in ESO.

Now Order's Wrath is very similar to Mother's Sorrow, only it is better because it has critical chance plus, critical damage and critical healing built in, all of which are some of the best set bonuses you can get your hands on in ESO.

What really makes this build work though is Mythic Oakensoul Ring from High Isle Chapter. Basically this will supercharge your one bar build giving you tons of helpful Buffs, that you wouldn't get otherwise since you're missing a whole other skill bar.


Finally with one set piece left over you can plug in any one-piece monster set helmet or shoulder that you want, to get an extra bonus here, I prefer to use a light Slimecraw helmet for even more critical chance in ESO.

Skills For The Build

We're going to use Cephaliarch's Flail, Pragmatic Fatecarver, Evolving Runemend, Recuperative Treatise, Impervious Runeward and our ultimate The Tide King's Gaze.

Elder Scrolls Online Skills

now obviously Pragmatic Fatecarver is going to be our main damage dealing skills, and most of the other skills here are going to serve as support to build up our Crux, in order to cast that Fatecarver at its full efficiency. I do like Impervious Runeward a lot, this is an amazing damage shield for solo content especially. The reason why I like it so much is it's going to use our off resource on the stamina build in this case Magicka meaning, it's not really going to hurt or sustain at all and it makes for a really great defensive tool.

Arcanist Race Recommended

My preferred raise on any one bar Arcanist really I would recommend Khajiit, Khajiit is an ideal Arcanist race in ESO, if you prefer playing Solo or in small groups, because of their bonus stat pools, their recovery and especially their bonus critical damage and healing. Keep in mind that the critical damage may eventually cap out in more coordinated groups, because Darkness already has fairly High crit damage due to their class passives and especially if you're using medium armor. So if your goal is to ultimately do Endgame trials and push scores I would probably go with Dark Elves instead.

Elder Scrolls Online Khajiit

Consumables On This Build

In terms of consumables on this build any basic stamina potion is completely fine thanks to the Buffs we already get from Oakensoul Ring, and the food I like here is Artaeum Takeaway Broth though if you're on a budget then Dubious Camoran Throne is completely fine too.

Mundus Stone Recommended

Finally for Mundus Stone I would recommend the Lover for the bonus penetration, and as I said when we covered skills on this build your goal is to get to your fully stacked Fatecarver beam as soon as possible in ESO. Not only is this your strongest damage ability other than your ultimate, it's also a great defensive tool thanks to the shield it provides while channeling.

How To Do It?

Now with Recuperative Treatise is active you should be at one Crux nearly all the time, meaning you only need to generate two more Crux before beaming. So my health is full I can cast cephalex layout twice to get there, or if I've lost a lot of Health then I can use Evolving Runemend to heal and generate Crux at the same time.

Finally after your beam is finished you can then Shield up again with Impervious Runeward, this will temporarily protect your health bar until you're ready to cast your next Fatecarver. It's honestly one of the easiest rotations in the game and all the extra shielding on this build, makes it very hard to die, so this build is awesome.


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