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Diablo 4: Side Quests That Reward You With Huge D4 Items & XP - Do It Now!

Posted: Jun 30, 2023

Side Quests are what most Diablo 4 players do, just to get their Renown and earn Paragon points. Given this, they look for short tasks to complete.

Diablo 4

But what if I told you, there's a chain of side quests that will not only earn you Renown, but also reward you with Diablo 4 Items, that will make it well worth your time. There is a side quest in Hawezar, called A Question of Self. It requires you to play through Act 4 of The Campaign, which is where you fight in darial from Diablo 2, spoiler alert I guess, maybe I should have said that first. This will start a chain of side quests containing A Question of Self, Past Regrets a series of steps, in taste's final story.

Diablo 4 A Question of Self

Features Of Quest Chain

This quest chain is not only one of the most enjoyable to play through in the game, But also one of the most rewarding. At the end of the chain, you'll receive a total of 80 Renowned for all of the quests, but most importantly, you'll get a really special Amulet that some of you might have overlooked if you already have done this quest.

Diablo 4 Amulet

Taser rewards you with mark of the conclave which is basically a unique Amulet disguised as a rare. Many will only see the three abilities spawned on this Amulet and may throw it on the ground, as can other similar items in the game.

Find Some Items

In fact in 20 places scattered throughout the map, you'll find you unique monsters that drop these rare items and some Diablo 4 Gold, that always spawn with the same abilities. You'll know that they're special, because each one of them has a quote on them, much like uniques do in the game.

Diablo 4 Side Quest

But since these items are rare, you can not only re-roll their abilities at Occultist, but you can also put aspects on them. Most of these items you find in the overworld are useless and nowhere near as powerful as other rare items you can find.

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Something You Should Pay Attention

But the sigil of Conclave is a very special item, and may not look special at first glance. However it spawns with life on it. This is an attribute that cannot normally spawn on an Amulet, and the other stats are directly tied to your class.

Diablo 4 Conclave

The power level of those stats are tied to your character level, so it's most beneficial to do this at the highest level possible. I completed this quest on my Necro at level 83 for the purpose, and I regret doing it so low, but I took one for the team. So that you guys know how powerful this quest is.

The crucial power level that you're looking for is to be above 725, it's a very crucial break point for item levels in the game. So again do this at the highest level possible.

Diablo 4 Breakpoints

Amulet's Importance

Someone shared Amulet that their Rogue got from completing this quest, and this Amulet is nuts, not only can life not spawn on Amulets, but also this character can't spawn at such a high value on any item in the game. It's actually like two abilities in one, I can add the best abilities you can find on almost any item.

When you realize most classes only want some of the abilities on their Amulets, you can roll those abilities back into whatever abilities you want. This might actually make this quest item, one of the best items in Diablo 4, and it's even tradable.


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