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Diablo 4: The Best Way To Help You Find Best-In-Slot Gear - My Personal Suggestions

Posted: Jul 17, 2023

I have spent a ridiculous amount of gold trying to look for new builds respecting, reimprinting, re-rolling items to make my build better or to make a brand new build that I'm trying to make work. But there's one secret tip that I've been using to help gear my new builds as I progress through them that I'd like to share with you.

Diablo 4

Where To Find Good Items?

If you're caught up on how to gear your care character you know that it is the stats on the item that make the item. Especially with the imprinting system in Diablo 4, along with enchanting and re-rolling you can very easily modify good Diablo 4 Items. But the hard part is finding an item, that is well rolled and has good stats on it, that work for the build that you have.

Diablo 4 Where To Find Good Items

The eternal struggle is in the hunt for yellow items of high base item power, that have four or three of the good stats that you want for your build. Then you just take a good Legendary Power and print that item, and you have a good item.

The question becomes how do we go about finding good quality yellow items, that we can use as base for making our best in slot gear. Now you can find these anywhere, you can go into Overworld, you can do Helltide, open the mystery chests, get specific chests for Helltide, you can do nightmare dungeons World bosses, weekly caches tree of Whispers, all of these drop Loot like Diablo 4 Gold. The harder content you do, the better the items on average are going to be when you drop.

There's another parallel, that exists that is a actual good source of quality yellow items, that I don't see a lot of people taking advantage of.

In-Game Vendor System

Generally people will just go to the vendors to sell items, if they need to. But this is actually on a rotating timer and will present new items based on the type of vendor, that will be yellow or blue. However because we're in the business of trading good quality yellows, we can come here and check for good quality gears on the vendors.

Diablo 4 Vendor

Now most of the time you're going to come here and it's going to be jug, it's either going to be a tier that you don't want or doesn't have the stats on it. But sometimes every other hour or so, I come here and I actually have found about three or four almost perfect items, sitting on the vendor for like 500 - 600000 gold. Just waiting to be grabbed, and waiting to be imprinted and re-rolled.

Right now I'm working on how to make overpower work as a mechanic versus just vulnerable and crit, which we know already is very powerful. I've been looking for a lot of overpowered damage lucky hit chance, resource cost slash, resource generation, fortified generation and max life for items. I've been able to find items like this just sitting on a vendor, with all the stats that I need that I could very easily re-roll and upgrade.

Diablo 4 Resource Generation

What I would do as you're doing the open world activities you're going across the map you're doing Helltide, coming out of nightmare dungeons. Every time you come back to town, come to the three vendors and see what they have on offer, check the stats what you're looking for is, an excellent item would have it it would have three of the stats you're looking for in that slot, and there's a fourth dead set that doesn't matter because you can re-roll it.

You can even find items that have two of your main stats, you can re-roll a third and it's an excellent stand in until you get a better item. You'll notice on the bottom left of the vendor screen, there is a new stock delivery timer this happens every single hour and they will rotate the items that are available on the vendor. Again it's going to be pure random but checking this regularly you'll be shocked by what you find on these vendors. There's going to be a weapons vendor that can have offhands as well, an armor vendor for gear and then of course there's the accessories vendor next to the jeweler in every town.

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I will save you the trouble these aren't different per town this is a global stock offering for all vendors of this type in all of sanctuary. So you can't do what you can in previous Diablos and hop town to town, looking for items. But you can very easily every time you go back to town check the vendors to see if there's anything good, or anything worthwhile.

Diablo 4 Accessories

Even just by chance I found a 751 wand that has crit damage, crit strike, with chris strike damage, with bone skills, and you can re-roll it on a third if you wanted to have a three out of four item with decent numbers and stats, and you can get this right as you enter into your new tier and check the vendors.

So do this often I have found some very good items through this process, and I wanted to make sure that you are aware and focusing on this, as you try and get more and more best in gear slots for your character.


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