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Diablo 4 Season 4: These Details Can Put You Ahead Of Others

Posted: May 16, 2024

Hello, guys. Today, I’m going to tell some secrets about Diablo 4 Season 4.

In addition, recharge Diablo 4 Gold to get more Uniques Items.

Let’s get started.

Diablo 4 Season 4: These Details Can Put You Ahead Of Others

Massive Bonus Experience

Use your Profane Mindcage for incredible XP. They raise Helltide Monster Level by 10 and increase Aberrant Cinder drop rate plus the Threat meter gain.

You do get these Mindcage from Hellborn opponents. And Hellborn opponents spawn as your Threat meter goes completely full, then depletes and at the end you kill Lieutenant for Cache.

Keep in mind that when you die with Cache on and it goes away so avoid Blood Maiden while Cache is running.And as a little bonus if you’re already level 82 in Helltide with a Mindcage. You will constantly drop 925 gear from everything. That is Super Value.

Capstone Dungeon

World Tier 2, Cathedral of Light do it at level 35 and to World Tier 4 Fallen Temple at level 55 and there’s a good reason for it because Ancestral Legendary Gear, and the final Gear can already be worn with level 55. As soon as you jump over to World Tier 4, you can straight up put everything on and not only can you put straight up everything on.

As soon as you get into World Tier 3 and respective four, you can go to Obol Vendor, roll for Items and straight up get 95 item power or even 925, 918, probably 850 as you just entered World Tier then and there. But this works for World Tier 3 and 4 to get a killer weapon straight away.

Iron Wolf’s Reputation

Straight up use the Items do not hoard them, do not keep them. Down here, this is going to be a kind of Ancestral until you’re mostly getting sacred things. The cool thing is that the Traces of Maiden and also Iron Wolf’s most dependable did drop me Uniques Items. Straight away in World Tier 3, I already had the Lidless Wall or Mother’s Embrace.

They even gave me Deathspeakers Pendant and Greaves of the Empty Tomb. Keeping those Caches open will not suddenly with a where to jump, yield your Ancestral Legendaries and Ancestral Uniques you get what’s in the box. And you can’t kind of upgrade them.

General Helltides Advice

Don’t waste your time on Blood Maiden. You can kill her in World Tier 1 couple of times, but in World 3 and 4, it’s mostly a bit tedious in the beginning and you’re rather going to go and search for the structures because the structures that shot out fire and Soul Sucking Structures.

They spawn so many Elites and they fill your Threat meter up so fast, way more time efficient to spend leveling there than trying to wrestle down the Maiden. Especially you might die against the Maiden and lose your Cinders.

Don’t forget to spend your Cinders beforehand before you actually try to take her down. Otherwise, you’re going to be very frustrated as you get cut down from 500 very quick.

Especially, as you use Mindcage and a amount of Cinders, you get is incredible. I was 5 minutes in and I already had 300 plus going on. Getting like a thousands of Cinders is not hard with this. And that’s why you want to use it straight up from the very beginning, because it’s just so amazing.

Nightmare Dungeons

Don’t waste your time doing them until you can at least do a Tier 41. this is a 52 with Monster level 106. If Monster level is 95 and higher. The Nightmare Dungeons are actually dropping 925 gear, before it’s not worth it. And Tier 52 Nightmare Dungeon already has up to 300 Glyph XP.

And you don’t want to do Nightmare Dungeons before you actually picked up the seasonal blessing Urn of Nightmares. Boost Paragon Glyph XP Urn in Nightmare Dungeons by another 20%. I got this one up first, then I started doing Nightmare Dungeons and right now this level 86 is mostly done with Helltide because Nightmare Dungeons are very inefficient right now.

And as I said in Helltide, if you’re level 82 with Mindcages, you’re constantly dropping 925 gear from the boxes as well.

This might sound like a very simple one, but you’re going to be flushed with boss materials. Living Steels, Varshan, you’re going to have Exquisite Blood. It’s dropping left, right and center everywhere. You want to start using them in World Tier 4 that you’re getting the 925 Uniques but also that the bosses are dropping Shards of Agony, the bonus shackles for Duriel that you can then actually go and summon Duriel and Daryl for those chances for more Uber Uniques.

But also that you’re already stacking up for tormented bosses. Tormented bosses are five times and the loot for three times the mats. So for 15 Living Steel, I can already get five times the loot and I can really easily kill the tormented boss around with level 95 to100.

Diablo 4 Season 4 More Secrets

Tempering and Masterworking

Do you actually temper during the leveling process? The answer is mostly no. Now I’m saying mostly because as I jumped into World Tier 3. I rotted myself a 741 item and I would not find anything better during my time in World Tier 3. So obviously I gemmed it in and already tempered it because Tempering is quite cheap at this point.

I mean, it’s seven Rocks and four Veil Crystals and I’m at 3,000 Veiled Crystals. I’m not doing anything special. I’m just sitting here with a bunch of these Veil Crystals and don’t have to worry about anything bunch of Forgotten Souls.

I’m not even picking up yellow Items anymore. I’m just literally just picking up these and if you actually Salvage, a normal item you do get Veiled Crystals which is fantastic so you don’t actually have to Salvage Yellow Items. You can Salvage Legendary Items for Veiled Crystals and then as I get to World Tier 4 and now I start picking up my 925 Items. That’s where Tempering actually begins.

That’s where I have tempered my weapon, I’ve tempered my gloves, I’ve tempered the helmet and I’ve tempered the ring that I’m potentially planning to Keep for a while. But I’m still not tempering every single item because it’s just simply not worth it. Since they might get just replaced 5 minutes later.

Greater Affixes Everywhere

And technically, the next tip on top of that you’re finding Greater Affixes Items like crazy. They used to be rare but you notice Greater Affixes is Greater Affixes is 120% vulnerable damage pretty nice. And I even found a triple Greater Affixes Items. This is 901 item power. Technically, the best thing out there is already on the market.

That’s insane, so you kind of don’t want to temper a single item that doesn’t have at least one Greater Affixes. Because as soon as you get a Greater Affixes they make you a huge difference. You’re going to replace your item from before. I mean this one right now has 120% vulnerable damage and 152 intelligence.

Compare this to my Item, which only has 80 vulnerable damage. I mean, it has the same amount of intelligence kind of and the resource generation could be even rolled into a better maximum life. And it’s just the superior weapon because of Greater Affixes and Scythes can never keep up with this. Interestingly enough, though, I am level 86 and the Purveyor of Curiosities can roll 925 Items already.

I mean it’s 905, 925 and 918 from rolling and it can not only do that, it can give you Greater Affixes Items as well. So if I’m looking for boots now because I’m looking for specific Affixes, a specific aspect I can just roll this stuff like crazy and I might even get one that has one or two Greater affixes.

Or just give me better aspects like an absolute Maxrolled movement speed to chill enemies which I’ll actually never use. And on the topic of Obols, Urn of Burning Obols, boost the amount of Obols you find in Helltide Chests which contain Obols during this season. Use your Obols, don’t worry you’ll have more than enough because the time you spend in Helltides is tremendous.


Finally, avoid Legion Events like plague. They’re really not worth it anymore. The only reason to go to Legion Events was for the blood for Lord Zir and if you actually get a very good XP multiplier but they’re slow and cumbersome. In the time where Legion Events happen you could kill Bloodmaiden of Helltide already two or three times.

Open just random chest, kill a amount of Elites there and get yourself the materials like this. These 24 Bloods I got just from Helltiding. Do Helltide. Helltide is everything this season.

I hope these suggestions are helpful for you. Have a nice day.


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