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Diablo 4 Season 4: How To Get From Level 1 To 100 The Fastest? - XP Farming Guide

Posted: May 15, 2024

Leveling up your character quickly in Diablo 4 Season 4 is the ticket to most of the new content and endgame, like Pit of Artificers and Tormented Echo Bosses.

If you are eager to experience these new contents, then please don’t miss today’s leveling guide. Although the game has just started, through PTR, we have already mastered the key to advancing from level 1 to level 100 as quickly as possible. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Strategy Overview

Before starting leveling, we need to start a new Seasonal Character as early as World Tier 2 and skip the campaign. Then start Seasonal Quest and progress until you can farm Wolf’s Honor in Helltide.

You can team up to farm Helltide and its activities, and keep your Cinders at the end of the activity, since the higher your level, the more XP you gain from them. Then, just repeat this process until you can reach at least level 35. Don’t forget to adjust and optimize your gear and complete your class quests during your Helltide break.

Once you reach level 35, you need to clear Cathedral of Light Dungeon. If you can’t clear it, farm more levels in Helltide first. Please switch to World Tier 3 when finished.

After level 55, clear Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon, then switch to World Tier 4. You can then continue farming Helltide until you reach level 65-70. Finalize Nightmare Dungeon to level 100, optimizing your gear along the way.

Diablo 4 Season 4: How To Get From Level 1 To 100 The Fastest? - XP Farming Guide

The above strategies are based on the experiences of many players in Diablo 4 Season 4 PTR. While the live servers may differ slightly from PTR, the changes the developers made to Helltide are a core component of Loot Reborn and won’t change. This means you can now start farming Helltide at the first level of World Tier 2, which is more recommended than the old dungeon method.

Additionally, upgrade your World Tier as soon as your build and gear allow it. The bonus XP you earn from higher World Tiers has been greatly increased compared to previous seasons.

So if you have good gear and a good upgrade build early on, you should be able to clear Cathedral of Light and Fallen Temple faster. This also means you can switch to higher World Tiers sooner and enjoy the greater Diablo 4 Gold and XP bonuses they provide.

Level 1 To 35

First, you need to start your Seasonal Character in World Tier 2, so you can instantly gain 50% extra XP by clearing anything.

Then, you should get Seasonal Quest, as Iron Wolves quests and Honor system will provide you with special seasonal rewards in Season 4. Please follow the quest until you enter Helltides.

In Helltides, you need to team up with other players, or at least follow them. The new Threat meter mechanic makes it so that the more monsters you kill in Helltides, the more monsters they spawn around you until the meter fills up or the character dies.

If there are other players around you, their meters will help fill your meter, and vice versa. So make sure you always have a bunch of mobs surrounding your team to gain more XP than you would on your own. Remember to participate in any activities found in Helltides to receive massive XP rewards.

Finally, save your Cinders and use them during the last few minutes of Helltides 55-minute timer, since these Cinders will give you more XP the higher your level. This means that if you farm for almost an hour and spend them all at the end, you will gain more XP than if you spend it randomly.

Of course, if you have difficulty clearing mobs, it is also a good choice to spend some Cinders as early as possible to get a power boost.

After level 35, you should try to clear Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon to unlock World Tier 3. Some players in PTR have reported being able to clear dungeons as early as level 35, but if your gear and build aren’t optimized, you may need to get closer to level 45 to complete. Once you clear it, immediately switch to a higher World Tier to get the 150% XP bonus.

This is also the perfect time to optimize any gear you have. Don’t forget to use Temper Manuals, apply gems, and do whatever you can to improve them.

Level 35 To 55

Once in World Tier 3, check that you can farm Helltides effectively immediately, as the adds will reach level 55.

If you take too long and get stuck, clear some Strongholds first as they will always be achievable for your level and will also give you 150% bonus XP. Once you’re close to level 45 or 50, go back to Helltides and farm it until you’re at least level 55. Or if your build and character are still not ideal, you need to be at least level 60.

Once above level 55, try clearing Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon to unlock World Tier 4. As before, if you can’t clear the dungeon too early, farm Helltides for more XP. Once you have a clear goal, immediately switch to World Tier 4 for a 250% XP bonus.

Level 55 To 70

Once you reach World Tier 4, you will still need to continue farming Helltides. While you should be close to being able to clear Nightmare Dungeons, you may need a little more time to clear them effectively. This is why it’s generally recommended not to launch them until you’re at least level 70 and have a properly optimized build and gear.

Level 70 To 100

Once you start running Nightmare Dungeons at level 70, play the highest level you can clear fairly quickly. You’ll earn more XP per hour than you would by spending half an hour clearing higher-level Nightmare Dungeons repeatedly.

In summary, you need to strike a good balance between the difficulty and speed of completion provided by the different World Tiers, and then advance your character to level 100. Try it now!


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