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Diablo 4 Season 4: Creating These Five Builds Is Your Best Choice

Posted: May 17, 2024

Posted: May 17, 2024

Source:  IGGM

These are the best starting builds for each class in Diablo 4 Season 4.

This is based specifically on builds that can really come online by the time they’re level 10, 15 or even 25.

Purchasing more Diablo 4 Gold in Diablo 4 Season 4 will make your builds more perfect.

Diablo 4 Season 4: Creating These Five Builds Is your Best Choice

Let’s get into it.


The first class I want to talk about is Druid. Lightning Storm Druid is one of the fastest classes I have ever seen coming out the gate. The most important Legendary Aspect that you need for this one is Shepherd’s .

And that’s because Shepherd’s gives you additional damage for each summon you have.

So in reality it’s more like Lightning Storm Druid but still this build without any kind of Optimization like stats, or anything like that is able to clear almost literally any content in the game in World Tier 1, World Tier 2 and even World Tier 3 without breaking a Sweat.

The fact that you’re able to have all of your summons tank for you while also increasing your damage by amount per active summon.

Now the trick with this build that a lot of people don’t do is you have to actually channel your Lightning Storm in order for it to expand into more Bolts. If you just sit there and click spam it, it’ll spam whatever the most recent channeled up to amount is.

So it won’t actually generate more Bolts if you sit there and just spam the living shit out of this button. But you can do that after you’ve channeled it up to its maximum amount of Bolts like I said, it gains more the longer you hold the button down.

So do this when you’re at maximum resource but otherwise this build is very simple, you just use all of your companion cooldowns as soon as they’re off cooldown and you go to Moon.


Whirlwind Barbarian, similar to Lightning Storm Druid, can clear pretty much anything. It starts to suffer a tiny bit on bosses but all in all, it is absolutely one of the fastest and best starting builds that you can choose.

A couple of the aspects that you want to use to get this off the ground right away at level 25 is whatever the echoing Fury equivalent is here in Season 4. Bold Chieftain on one of your Rings and Dire Whirlwind, all of these aspects can be obtained as soon as you hit Level 25 from various Dungeons just look up where you find them.

This one plays very simply you just generate your resource based on your shouts and you can use those offensively or defensively. It doesn’t really matter, but then having Lunging Strike as your resource generator and gap closer, you kind of never run out of resource to begin with.

So if you really wanted to hold the line, you can Unbridled Rage key passive at the end of your talent tree. And you most likely shouldn’t see some slowdowns with a lack of resource, but that does help on bosses where the extra damage is really necessary but in terms of ease of access Whirlwind Barbarian.


Next up we have Rogue.Twisting Blades Rogue is an absolute marvel of mechanical engineering. It’s really not that deep it’s just everybody that plays one thinks that but in reality it is as simple as moving around the battlefield as fast as you can, casting Shadow Imbuement whenever it’s off of cool down, Shadow stepping to your opponents and then just jamming it as many twisting blades as you can muster.

Now the description I just gave you is every Rogue that’s ever played this game, but in all seriousness if you get Bladedancer’s aspect as well as Edgemaster’s aspect, you should be able to take out.

Every single thing that you come across in World Tier 1 and World Tier 2, with a few minor stat changes This absolutely clears World Tier 3 goes into World Tier 4 and can be built into one of the best endgame Builds on the planet.

In terms of ease of access, this one is a little more complicated, because you do have to factor in where you stab your twisting blades and where you’re going to be at when and they come back to you and Orbit around you. But all in all this build is nuts, and if I do play a Rogue, this is the one that I always go for.


On this list, we have Necromancer. Summon Necromancer is dramatically more powerful than it’s ever been in Diablo 4 short one year history. And this is because your Summons now benefits from most or all of your stats now instead of a fraction or a portion of them and I’m pretty sure I’m right on that feel free to fact check me in the comments that’s totally okay.

But with this one, the only couple of aspects that you really need are reanimation. That’s going to buff everything and then hulking and that’s specifically for your cooldown. Now, for ease of access, this is a summoner build, how strong they are in this Season.

Summon Necromancer has no breaks. It doesn’t stop for mobs. It doesn’t stop for Elites and it sure as doesn’t stop for bosses. This is one of the best, if not the best, starting build that you can possibly pick.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Five Builds


Now last on the list we have Sorcerer. With Sorcerer there’s three or four very good coming out of the gate builds that you can start, although in Season 4 one of the biggest changes is Frozen Orb now explodes where you click so that’s the one we’re going with specifically for Season 4.

This is shockingly more powerful than it’s ever been before that little change has done wonders for this. The only few aspects you need are normal ones that you get either way and those are Storm Swell and Control.

The changes this Season make Frozen Orb faster than Chain Lightning ever wishes it could be and I think it’s actually faster than my normal starting which is Firewall Sorcerer some a little bitter about that I may end up playing Frozen orb for starting we’ll see.

But all in all, this build is very fast at doing pretty much everything, the only time it does slow down just a little is on bosses and that’s only because Mana is a little of an issue starting out. So obviously things like Prodigy and Umbral if that’s still a thing in Season 4 are some of the best moves you can make in terms of your defensive or supporting aspects.

But I do mean it when I say it this build is extremely fast it actually put up the same amount of testing time exactly down to the seconds as my firewall Sorcerer did. So it’s kind of crazy now. I know this was just a brief rundown of what each class is capable of doing and what you should actually play.

I hope you like my all analysis about builds in Diablo 4 Season 4.


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