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Diablo 4: Don't Fall Into The Trap Of These 3 New Systems In Season 4

Posted: May 23, 2024

Posted: May 23, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Today, I've compiled some major mistakes that you're likely making in Diablo 4 season 4 newly introduced systems. These errors can not only significantly hinder the leveling and gearing process for your character but also result in a considerable loss of power and damage potential.

Diablo 4: Don't Fall Into The Trap Of These 3 New Systems In Season 4


Efficiently navigating the Pit is crucial in Season 4, especially considering the significant cost of Masterworking gear. Masterworking enhances gear by up to 25% at levels 4, 8, and 12. Therefore, running the Pit efficiently is more advantageous than spending 15 minutes per run. Continuously striving for higher Pit levels is essential, as long as efficiency is maintained, for a specific reason.

When Masterworking gear, it's advisable to bring all pieces to Level 4 first to benefit from the substantial 25% bonus across the board. Only consider pushing a piece to Level 12 if it's a perfect best-in-slot item that won't be replaced. However, if higher-level materials are obtained while progressing through the Pit, it's beneficial to continue pushing higher levels.

These materials can be used to upgrade lower-level pieces by exchanging them with an Alchemist. This process significantly increases efficiency as it allows for the simultaneous upgrade of multiple pieces of gear. Leveraging the Alchemist for material exchange and focusing on pushing high-tier levels efficiently ensures optimal gear progression, minimizing both time and resource wastage.


The next significant mistake you can make is either tempering your gear too early or not tempering it at all. The key to optimizing your gear progression lies in strategic Tempering. Before reaching Level 35 and transitioning from World Tier 2 to World Tier 3, it's not imperative to temper your gear immediately.

However, if you come across Tempering Manuals, it's beneficial to apply them, even in World Tier 2, as it can significantly enhance your gear's effectiveness. As you progress and unlock higher World tiers, you'll gain access to more potent tempering recipes, culminating in legendary recipes with superior AIX values.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Tempering Manuals

Once you acquire desirable tempering effects for your class, prioritize tempering your gear as soon as possible, even if you have limited materials initially. For example, if you're playing a Dust Devil Barbarian, adding Dust Devil AIXes to your gear can substantially boost your damage output, accelerating your leveling process.

Even on normal sacred rare Diablo 4 Items, tempering costs are minimal, making it a worthwhile investment for power progression. Even if you plan to replace certain gear later on, applying tempers can still provide significant benefits. By the time you reach higher World Tiers, you'll have accumulated abundant resources from salvaging, rendering early material usage inconsequential.

Iron Wolves Reputation

The last significant mistake players can make involves the Iron Wolves reputation system, primarily earned through participating in Hellides. As you accumulate more reputation or honor, you advance in ranks and unlock various rewards. Here are some key considerations to maximize your benefits:

Firstly, prioritize completing Helltides to accrue the maximum amount of honor. This approach yields several advantages, including the swift acquisition of legendary and unique gear. Season 4 offers the opportunity to swiftly obtain such gear not only from Helltides but also from reputation rewards, providing a substantial early-game boost.

Secondly, avoid delaying the claiming of reputation rewards. While it may be tempting to wait until reaching the highest rank to claim a Level 100 unique item, it's more advantageous to claim rewards promptly. These rewards often include valuable resources, XP potions, and other items crucial for character development.

Additionally, take advantage of reputation rewards to enhance your character's capabilities. For instance, utilize legendary items offering maximum movement speed, to temper movement speed onto different gear pieces or enchant them to imbue movement speed. By strategically incorporating movement speed bonuses into various gear slots, you can significantly enhance your mobility and expedite leveling.


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