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Diablo 4 Season 4: Five Things And Two Bonuses Are Crucial Before You Start

Posted: May 23, 2024

Posted: May 23, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Everybody, we are covering 5 things and 2 bonuses. I wish I’d known before jumping into Season 4 of Diablo 4. It is an absolutely incredible season. Now, the tips here are going to be things that I found very pleasantly surprising.

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Five Things And Two Bonuses Are Crucial Before You Start In Diablo 4 Season 4

1. More Mystery Than You Can Handle

Let’s start off with the very first thing. We are very much dominant in Helltides, and one of the coolest things that we are able to actually level early game with Helltides alone is they’ve also made some changes to Mystery Chest. And it is super cool. It’s a great early game focus, and it can help with all the key elements that you have going on in your season.

So we are, from the very beginning, going to be collecting this.

And they are cheaper in the early game. So there are 100 Cinders to open these. I thought that was a really cool change. But what was super exciting is that how much they actually impact our early game, because it’s not just the gearing that we know we’re gonna get out of those, but a major boost in XP when we open them and a major boost in the Wolf’s Honor, which is the key function for the Season mechanic.

So you gain more honor and you unlock cooler and cooler things. Now because they are so crucial. It’s really a great thing just to target. How many can you get in a single Helltide?

Every time we get 100, we want to run over and get those Chests and just keep moving up our leveling and our gear and everything and the honor with the wolves.

I think it’s like at 50 minutes in every hour. Then they’re going to stop Helltides, and then 10 minutes later they launch again. But Cinders do go back to zero, as they’ve always done.

You want to target events like normal because the events drop a ton of Cinders, but they’re also dropping a ton of Obols, which have become far more important in this season than ever before.

2. Big Money, No Whammies!

So we have jumped over here to Purveyor of Curiosities. Because gambling has become crazy important in this season. That’s why we’re collecting those Obols. And why it’s so important is because for the first time, we have a Codex of Power that whenever we get an aspect on any item and we break that item down.

It goes to that Codex of Power. Gambling has increased the ability to drop higher quality items for it in general. So it allows for us to actually target all those aspects and start building up a strong Codex of Power. So by endgame, we are actually looking at the ability to put our build together very fast.

Now, the targeting has always played a major role in that you can pick which items you want. I recommend early on when you’re building up your Codex of Power that you actually gamble for the cheaper items as much as you can.

Obviously, we do want the weapons, even though they’re a little more expensive than armor. Because we do want offensive things to still roll. And so it’s these items or these one-handed weapons as well as any of the armor pieces. We want to gamble more because we have higher chances to get those Legendaries. Now, save your Obols in an early game until you are naturally dropping Legendaries.

So as Legendaries start to drop for you, just out of chest and Tree of Whispers or just on the ground when you’re fighting monsters. Then that’s when it’ll finally be available to you to start then gambling for those and getting those aspects and collecting them up.

So Obols are so important that they actually did another thing. And I’m so glad that they did.

3. These Obols Are Smoldering!

I don’t know how many people make sure that they do this early in the game, but we’re looking at Season Blessings where we get the Smoldering Ashes.

With the Smoldering Ashes, we can put into points to get different things. Well, they have added the ability to get more Obols from Helltide Chests. So because Obols are so important and because we’re building up that power, I would highly recommend this. I’m not going to put my points here first. I’m going to always make sure it’s XP when I’m leveling, and then I’m going to bring it over here to start doing that.

So I just like that they’ve added this. Because this is also not the only reason that Obols are important is for the gambling.

They’ve done something even cooler this season. So it just keeps adding more and more to the game in a way that I think is making stuff that’s always been in there. Just far more useful than it’s ever been. So what is cool here is the apothecary has added a new set of seasonal elixirs.

4. Oblo-Powered Elixirs

These are Elixirs that do some crazy things and can do a ton of damage. They have a percent more experience than if you’re just running a regular elixir. But they cost Obols, or murmuring Obols to buy, so it’s 350 to buy one. So I could buy one of these if I wanted. I’m not using them.

It’s 5 Rawhide and 2 Veiled Crystals, and I have plenty at this point. So definitely something that you’re not going to want to sit on. Do this early.

So, but what’s really cool is they have the ability to clear monsters a lot faster. So after killing an enemy, increased movement speed. So this is moving you around faster. And the other one is shooting out holy bolts. Let’s float over that. Shooting out holy bolts of fire from the corpses of that enemy. So every after you kill an enemy, that corpse drops and then shoots out a bunch.

It just clears everything like mad. So it’s for the time that you’re running this 15 minutes. It’s just really fun. I think that’s half time for what the regular Elixirs do. But if you are just looking to clear through Helltides like crazy, level up super fast.

Using some Obols to do here or to do this can actually level it up very early. I thought this was cool. I’ve been finding them. I have not bought one yet. But the fact that you can do this, I thought, was really neat.

Early on, I still want to go to that gambler and make sure that I’m doing that. So we are going to be spending a lot of time in this camp right here, Iron Wolves Encampment. This is where we turn in all of our seasonal stuff and where we’re starting to build up the honor of getting special items.

Now, what was absolutely crazy, and this was so exciting? I didn’t know it was going to happen. When you come in here and you’re talking or you’re doing these little quest things, Two Wolves. As you build up more Reputation, you unlock these things like we’ve seen in previous seasons. This item right here, Traces of the Maiden.

5. Fastest Uniques Ever

This is a special, unique Reputation Cache, which I didn’t know when I picked it up and opened it up, but it dropped two uniques, I’m in an early game. I’m level 30 right now, and I already have Howl From Below and a ring of Mendeln.

The ability for us to mess with unique early. I think it’s amazing for anybody who’s really a casual player that isn’t blasting to the end all the time. They can experience some of the really neat parts of this game, which are the uniques of the system.

So this, do not sit on this. As soon as you can, you can build those up and you just do it by grinding in Helltides and doing what the seasonal quests say. And you’ll get there pretty fast. It was, it was shocking how quickly this happened. But I do have 2 additional bonuses that didn’t make it on the base list. But they are super important.

Obviously in the early game, because they have changed the game so much and you’re doing a lot of grinding. You still want to get those Legendaries early because you can add them to break them down for the Codex of Power or you just get more powerful.

And I just want to talk about where though the best places, even before I was like naturally dropping those. Where they were a kind of landing, I kill a monster and they fall on the ground.

6. Bonus: Legendary, Head-To-Toe

There are places where I was basically head to toe already in Legendaries by, I think, like level 20. The first thing that is really a great way to do that is these Season Journeys. If you haven’t focused on, I’ll move my head out of the way a little.

So each of the chapters has certain objectives. If you’ve done any seasonal stuff, these caches as you unlock. I’ve already unlocked two of them, are one of the first places that I got solid legendary and solid gear that I’ve been holding onto.

Now, the second place, and we just looked at it a second ago, is obviously. If it’s given out Uniques, it’s giving out good stuff in general. So is just completing these. As you naturally do the seasonal quest, you are going to get very solid aspects or Legendaries very early and the great aspects to start building up your Codex of Power.

So this is just an awesome way to get your legendary gear on point very fast.

Now, the other thing. And this is something that I thought they were going to make it like a lot more prohibitive to use in the early game, but they did not.

7. Bonus: Temper Temper

The cost of coming here and tempering early as you start to get recipes as you unlock them in Helltides, they drop these recipes for special tempering. And in these so we have the different types we can we start collecting and then we can finally show things here that allow us to add in early game even Legendaries.

I think you can only add Select Recipe Category, you can only do one Tempering on it. So it’s not 2 like it is an endgame, but it was not expensive at all. So I’ll choose Mobility and Necromancer.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in the game.


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