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Diablo 4 Season 3: An Exploration Of The Optimal Shadow Golem Necromancer Solo Leveling Build

Posted: Jan 31, 2024

We will be discussing an amazing solo leveling build for the Necromancer in Diablo 4 Season 3 - I highly recommend the Shadow Golem Necromancer. So I will elaborate on the effectiveness of this build for solo leveling. If you want to game comfortably, or you don't want to stress out about gear, or if you want to game efficiently and have a good build, then this is the build for you.

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Diablo 4 Season 3: An Exploration Of The Optimal Shadow Golem Necromancer Solo Leveling Build

How It Works

First of all, you start off with Blood Siphon Minions, but around Level 40, probably before or after the Capstone, but after that, when I switched to World Tier 3, I started using the Shadow Golem Necromancer all the way up to World Tier 4. Then we will kill Elias, the Butcher, at World Tier 3. This build can actually do anything. I’m farming World Tier 4 with no problem. The Golem still survives. I’m also going to mention some specific problems about the Golem, but the build is amazing. And the Diablo 4 Items requirement is super low, so you can just slap this on and play at your own pace.


The gear I’m using is very simple. I am going to tell you one principle in your armor pieces, which is Helm, Chest, Legs, and so on. What you want to focus on is total armor, damage reduction, and then another damage reduction modifier. The only legendary aspect that you may want is the Explosive Mist. You don’t actually need it. So, on our Helm, we have total armor cooldown reduction, fine chest piece, total armor damage reduction modifiers.

For Gloves, just shadow damage over time. The legendary is not important. I’m just looking at the stats. When you’re leveling, the gear you want is the gear with stats. You can slap on the Legendary Aspects later.

When it comes to Legs, look at total armor, damage reduction. Then there are also Boots for resistance. I’m using it because of the Exploit Glyph. Weapon, I would prefer if it had good stats, but weapons are so important that prioritize the weapon item level instead of the stats. The weapon item level is really important.

For Neck, I just use the Agony Burden because it has total armor in it. Ring, I was lucky to get the Loop of the Long Shadow ring. I’m using it for the Shadow Damage stat, but it also has a lucky hit effect which restores Essence, and then another ring with Shadow Damage again and then some lucky hits. The offhand is lucky hit. I’m using it for the item level. This build does not need that much legendary. It doesn’t suffer from Essence, it doesn’t suffer from survivability, and it has an amazing damage potential as well.

Skill Tree

Let me show you the skill tree I’m using now. You will see that we don’t use a basic skill. We just want 15 Supernatural Blight multipler, Hewed Flesh, Blight, Lucky Hit is not nerfed, so we can still use it to generate corpses via Hewed Flesh. 1 point into Blood Mist to create more corpses, Spiked Armor for AOE Rapify, and the Corpse Explosion is maxed. This is our main damage source.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Blood Mist

This is how we deal damage, still with Blighted Corpse Explosion. Triple points into Grim Harvest, then Fueled by Death. Then you go Amplify Damage, Decrepify. Abhorrent or Horrific, both work. Abhorrent is good for resetting Blood Mist since we’re not using Bone Storm yet.

Now, one problem is I think I have tested this construct does also count as a minion. For example, when I slapped on a legendary aspect which says when you have more than one minion active, gain Essence, it actually gave me Essence for 2 minions instead of one. I only had my Golem active with this construct, so I think certain items that benefit minions also may benefit the construct, which means the Cult Leader Board might be super interesting for this.


For the Paragon, it is really straightforward. Find whatever glyph, Amplify, Gravekeeper. Both can work. Just go from the right side, take some armors, and then go into the Wither Board. In the Wither board, just make sure to get these rare nodes, and that’s it. Probably like you’re going to deal so much damage like this, and it’s actually great. We are sacrificing Reapers for an extra 15% Shadow Damage, Cold for 15% vulnerable, and then we’re using the Blood Golem which takes, which absorbs 15% of the damage we would take.


The build is actually quite effective at dealing high single-target damage. Usually, in any type of Inferno build, you will see that it suffers from single target damage, bossing and so on. This was very clear when running Abattoir of Zir, especially against the Blood Seekers. The Shadow Golem build surprisingly excels in single target damage as well. This ability can be utilized and benefits from Abhorrent Reify, resulting in reduced cooldown and significant damage.


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