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Diablo 4: Why Is Blood Lance Not Worth Trying In Season 1? - My Personal Opinion

Posted: Jul 26, 2023

Posted: Jul 26, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Of all the nerfs in Diablo 4 Season 1 patch 1.1, Blood Lance actually comes out on top. It’s really strong, and it’s a breeze to play Blood Lance while leveling and early game endings. Blood Lance has never been better, but I’m tempted to give up on this build.

No Innovation

Considering the effort I’ve put into my past Blood Lance and my recent guide for Blood Lance Necromancer build. This may surprise many of you. To be fair, my intention this season was to push with Blood Lance. I had trouble around level 50. Not in a progressive sense, but in dynamics.

Diablo 4: Why I Won't Be Playing Blood Lance In Season 1?

I’m the kind of player who always needs to innovate and work hard. Blood Lance is in such an excellent position. And I’ve put a lot of time and Diablo 4 Gold into it, so there’s nothing for me to discover. 

While I understand why they do this, the new Aspect of Gore Quills and the new version of Aspect of Hungry Blood feature pretty safe. So there is not much wiggle room for creativity.

Costly To Start Over

Also, when I just did this in that Eternal Realm, the thought of getting ready again and pushing Nightmares with it really drained my energy. And New Malignant Hearts aren’t enough to make up for the high cost of starting over.

Honestly, I almost quit this season. While I really enjoy playing Diablo 4, I’m not the type of player who thrives on endless grinding. Consider this an ARPG, but that’s how it feels to me. Push the hardest dungeons and bosses, theory builds and interactions as hard as I can. Polishing up the straightforward stuff to level up as quickly as possible and completing the side quests I’ve done before.

Diablo 4: Blood Lance Is Literally Breaking The Game

Getting Renown the first time is brutal, and having to do it again is torture. I’ve been doing solo dungeons and side quests the entire time I’ve leveled up this season. Even do these quests individually in a group to improve Renown as much as possible before reaching the end game.

By level 50, I’ve only completed 2 areas, and the other 3 areas haven’t made any progress other than Shrines. My collection of Gears, Aspects, and Diablo 4 Items are all gone and need to be found again. I mean, unless there’s something worth innovating and working on, everything else becomes too tedious for me.

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Try New Directions

For me, the accumulated Unique Items and Aspects are ammunition for theoretical construction and test interaction. So starting over would limit my options. 

That means I have to switch from Blood Lance to Bone Spirit and Darkness Hybrid build I’ve been working on. Not because it could be better or worse, Blood Lance build is great. It’s just a new direction of work for me.

Diablo 4: Bone Spirit Necromancer Build Mechanics Deep Dive

In this Eternal Realm, I never found Ring of Mendeln or Black River, although I only played Necromancer. So the idea of never finding Blood Artisan’s Cuirass is still fresh in my head this season. Before I take a break, I thought this was my last dungeon before Season 2, and it just dropped.

I will work on this build and any other variants I may come across for the foreseeable future. I could even try building Blood Lance this unique way, but it would take more Paragon Points to flesh it out.

This may not be the news you were hoping for, as I know many of you are looking forward to more Blood Lance content and guides. So I thought I’d share my opinion on why this isn’t happening, or at least not anytime soon. In short, I still look forward to meeting you in the game.


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