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Diablo 4: How To Level Up Fast To 50 In Season 2?

Posted: Oct 12, 2023

Season 2 is coming with lots of quality of life and class updates. I tried a few early game leveling strategies to speed up leveling up a new character and I’m excited to share a simple one that outperforms all others by farming the Domhainne Tunnel.

I went from level 1 to 17 in only 30 minutes, then to 25 in another 30 minutes. In total, I reached level 36 in under 2 hours. And I entered World Tier 3 by farming a bit more and beating the Capstone Dungeon chilly. 

Now, let’s get started on the key details and optimizations! 

Diablo 4: How To Level Up Fast To 50 In Season 2?

Domhainne Tunnel Location 

First, the Domhainne Tunnel is located northeast of the town of Cerrigar.

One big difference between a Seasonal World and an Eternal World is that the Domhainne Tunnel is Level 1 in Seasonal World but Level 15 in Eternal World. 

If you are playing Seasonal World, going to the Domhainne Tunnel directly is good. But if you are starting an Eternal Character, I suggest running one or two of the following dungeons that are always level 1 (i.e. Black Asylum, Forsaken Quarry, Immortal Emanation, Hallowed Ossuary, Light’s Watch & Maulwood), to reach level 10 first, and then starting Domhainne Tunnel. Because this way you can first accumulate some Diablo 4 Gold to equip your character.

I am not sure why there is such an inconsistency and I hope Blizzard will fix it soon.

Diablo 4 Season 2 Domhainne Tunnel

Running Domhainne Tunnel 

The most efficient way to run the dungeon is to ignore the quest and avoid the prisoners. 

We only focus on clearing the monsters in the first area and teleport back to the town once the area is cleared. Then, we hit the key ‘J’, press the reset dungeon button and go back.

I recommend we sort our Diablo 4 Items and upgrade our gear if necessary as we move towards our first encounter in the tunnel. When we are at full bag in town, go to the Blacksmith and Salvage all.

I also recommend to do events to get more rare & legendary drops for upgrading our gears. It would make the farming experience smoother.

One last tip I have is to leave the dungeon before quitting the game. Doing this will allow us to start the game at the entrance of the tunnel, instead of having to run from the town to the entrance. 

Season 2 Updates 

Season 2 will buff the experience from Whispers a lot, but I don’t think it is comparable yet with the Domhainne Tunnel method unless Blizzard nerf the monster density in the tunnel. 

I haven’t found anything related to the Domhainne Tunnel in the Season 2 Patch Notes either. So, I assume it will still be the best and I will keep you updated if there is going to be a nerf. 

We can always do Whispers given the XP buff when we get bored with repetitively farm the same location.

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Necro Leveling Build 

Season 2 looks promising and I plan to play Sorcerer as well as Necromancer.

I drafted a Minions & Corpse Explosion build that I find very enjoyable to play and entered World Tier 4 at only Level 50 without Seasonal Powers

Under the Skill tab, there is also a leveling path that has skill point breakdowns level by level. I’ve optimized the Skill Set pre and post 25 Skill Points that there is a big Skill change.


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