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Diablo 4: How To Better Utilize Smoldering Ashes & Season Blessings In Season 3?

Posted: Jan 30, 2024

Season 3 of Diablo 4 witnesses the resurgence of key seasonal features, including Season Blessings, which can be acquired using a currency known as Smoldering Ashes. These Season Blessings provide significant progression bonuses that facilitate the advancement of both your Battle Pass and character. These enhancements span from highly valuable ones like bonus XP to somewhat less advantageous ones like bonus rewards, demanding a substantial time commitment to acquire them all.

This Diablo 4 guide will instruct you on obtaining all the Smoldering Ashes in Season 3 and provide guidance on their optimal utilization.

Diablo 4: How To Better Utilize Smoldering Ashes & Season Blessings In Season 3?

How To Accumulate Smoldering Ashes In Diablo 4 Season 3?

Smoldering Ashes are exclusively obtained through Diablo 4's Battle Pass. Fortunately, they are accessible on the free track, eliminating the need for financial investment in the premium version of the seasonal Battle Pass.

To acquire Smoldering Ashes, 2 criteria must be met. Firstly, you must elevate your Battle Pass to a specific tier level. Secondly, your character level must align with the level requirement of the Smoldering Ash. If you want to level up quickly, then you must prepare a large amount of Diablo 4 Gold in advance.

Following alterations introduced in Season 2, it is now possible to maximize blessings at level 82 instead of level 100, provided you reach level 88 on your Battle Pass.

Diablo 4 Smoldering Ashes

The distribution of Smoldering Ashes occurs at specific milestones:

  • Battle Pass tier 8 corresponds to character level 28.
  • Battle Pass tier 18 corresponds to character level 44.
  • Battle Pass tier 22 corresponds to character level 49.
  • Battle Pass tier 28 corresponds to character level 53.
  • Battle Pass tier 32 corresponds to character level 55.
  • Battle Pass tier 38 corresponds to character level 58.
  • Battle Pass tier 48 corresponds to character level 63 (awarding x2 Smoldering Ashes).
  • Battle Pass tier 52 corresponds to character level 66.
  • Battle Pass tier 58 corresponds to character level 70.
  • Battle Pass tier 62 corresponds to character level 72.
  • Battle Pass tier 68 corresponds to character level 74 (awarding x2 Smoldering Ashes).
  • Battle Pass tier 72 corresponds to character level 76.
  • Battle Pass tier 77 corresponds to character level 78.
  • Battle Pass tier 82 corresponds to character level 80 (awarding x2 Smoldering Ashes).
  • Battle Pass tier 88 corresponds to character level 82 (awarding x3 Smoldering Ashes).

For efficient Battle Pass progression, complete objectives in your Season’s Journey, as it yields significant Favor (XP). Ensure to revisit any missed Smoldering Ashes once you attain level 28 on your character.

Optimal Sequence For Season Blessings In Diablo 4 Season 3

There are 5 Season Blessings available for you to utilize your hard-earned Smoldering Ashes:

  • Urn of Aggression, which grants Bonus XP
  • Urn of Helltides, which increases the chance to receive an extra Diablo 4 Item in Helltide chests, with the extra item guaranteed to be Legendary or better
  • Urn of Enduring Grace, which enhances the duration of Shrine effects
  • Urn of Tuning, which increases the chance to receive an additional Tuning Stone from Wardwoven chests
  • Urn of Whispers, which boosts the likelihood of receiving a Greater Collection from Whisper rewards

Overall, these bonuses surpass those of Seasons 1 and 2.

Prioritize investing your Smoldering Ashes into the Urn of Aggression initially, as XP remains the most crucial commodity in Diablo 4, even with recent buffs.

Diablo 4 Season Blessings

Urn of Enduring Grace stands as your second-best choice. Shrines wield significant power in Diablo 4, proving beneficial at both low and high levels of gameplay. The higher uptime on Shrines in Nightmare Dungeons or Vaults, the better.

The next 3 boons are relatively equal in quality, and your choice should align with your preferred activities in Diablo 4. However, here are our recommendations to assist you in making a decision:

Urn of Tuning should likely be your third choice. Your Construct possesses substantial power, and acquiring numerous Stones is essential for its maximum potential. Thus, upgrading the Urn of Tuning accelerates the enhancement of your Construct.

Urn of Whispers is a solid fourth choice, particularly if completing quests for the Tree of Whispers is a secondary activity while engaged in other tasks. This option, when played optimally, arises relatively frequently.

Urn of Helltides is recommended as your last and fifth investment for this season. Although its power is noteworthy, the benefits are limited to Helltide activities. If you frequently engage in Helltides, considering it as a third option makes sense. However, if Helltides are only occasional, you might not miss this boon as much as the others.


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