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Diablo 4: Endgame Helltides Gameplay Overview

Posted: Apr 21, 2023

Posted: Apr 21, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Recently, the developers of Diablo 4 revealed that players can complete quests to earn specific caches by participating in the game’s famous endgame Helltides. Players can better control the use of skills through actual combat practice, and at the same time, they can find rare items that can be upgraded and constructed during the battle.

The Latest Information On Endgame Helltides

During Blizzard’s latest Diablo 4 livestream, their developers provided more details about the various endgame systems in the upcoming ARPG, one of which is Helltides.

Here parts of Diablo 4 world will be devastated by Hellstorm for a short period. The sky will then turn a strange blood red, and the surrounding environment will become terrifying and gloomy. More importantly, the enemies that players face will also become stronger.

Players can obtain corresponding loot by killing bosses in Helltide, and of course each loot will occupy a specific item slot. But players don’t have to worry about items being full, because players can win Cinders by killing specific monsters in Helltides, and this item plays a key role in unlocking the card slot position.

Diablo 4 This is the new endgame content Helltide

The item slots that each specific cache needs to occupy are also different. For example, the weapon cache is usually more expensive than the boot cache. But as long as the player has enough Cinders, he can get a more specific cache in the event.

Especially for those who are looking for specific legendary or unique items to complete their builds, Helltides seem like a great way for them to work out and acquire rare items.

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Get Specific Cache

According to Blizzard before, the area around the arena will only be affected by Helltides for about 1 hour, so players will need to quickly decide where they need to go first to get the specific cache in a short period, while also considering the issue of farming Cinders.

However, it is very risky if the player wants to greedily unlock as many caches as possible. Cinders will also disappear at the end of Helltides or after leaving the affected area. It is worth noting that, if monsters in Helltides kill players, they will lose nearly half of the Cinders collected here.

Players need to make full use of their time during this process to avoid being killed by monsters, and at the same time make corresponding plans in advance to get a more specific cache.

Even if the player did not get a more specific cache in the process, it is still very meaningful to challenge Helltides. Players can even get better loot than standard enemies if they can defeat more challenging monsters. Players can also find most of the advanced crafting materials needed to upgrade builds in Helltides, including abundant Diablo 4 Gold and rare equipment.

Diablo 4 Helltide Activity, Nightmare Dungeons Full Presentation

Server Slam & More Details

Exactly how Diablo 4’s Helltides will work is just one aspect of Endgame discussed by Blizzard during the stream. The team also delved into more details about Nightmare dungeons that players will want to run to acquire gear and upgrade their Glyphs, and further elaborated on what they received from the game’s recent public beta about the dungeon design. and career balance feedback.

Blizzard also announced that it will be offering a free Diablo IV “server slam” beta experience from May 12-14 for those interested in trying the game again before its official release.

It’s just that the player’s game progress in the beta version will not continue to the game after the official launch, but if the player can reach a certain level in the server slam beta version, they can also obtain special honors and rewards.

The developer of Diablo 4 says the game will launch on June 6, and plans to receive new seasonal content every three months. Each seasonal content will introduce new story content and game features as well as the battle pass, and Blizzard estimates that players will need approximately 80 hours to complete all tasks. Before the game starts, everyone still needs to wait patiently. Before the game starts, everyone needs to wait patiently, I believe the result will satisfy everyone.


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