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Diablo 4: The Best Tips For Farming Exquisite Blood And Maximizing Loot

Posted: Mar 26, 2024

Lord Zir is a boss introduced in Diablo 4 Season of Blood and is the vampire overlord behind the conflict throughout the season. Although Season of Blood has ended, players can still battle Lord Zir for a chance to obtain unique items like Necromancer’s Lidless Wall.

Why Farm Exquisite Blood?

Farming Lord Zir can be a very profitable activity in Diablo 4. But if players want to fight vampires repeatedly, they’ll need a lot of Exquisite Blood to summon Lord Zir. Therefore, farming Exquisite Blood is still just as important as it was in Season 2.

But in reality, not much has changed when it comes to obtaining this unique resource, and many of the frustrations players encountered previously remain. In this guide, we’ll break down how to farm Exquisite Blood to help players clarify their goals and maximize loot. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Diablo 4: The Best Tips For Farming Exquisite Blood And Maximizing Loot

All Ways To Get Exquisite Blood

Exquisite Blood is a relatively rare resource that can only be dropped from World Bosses and Legion Events.

World Bosses & Legion Events

Considering the boss spawns only three hours later, completing Legion Events will be the faster option between the two. Because at least one of them spawns somewhere in Sanctuary every 30 minutes. Anyone actively farming for Exquisite Blood should try to complete as many Legion Events as possible.

Don't rule out World Bosses completely, though. Because players can receive up to three bottles of Exquisite Blood after each successful battle. As the icing on the cake, you can get even more loot after defeating World Bosses, including the chance to get some exclusive mounts.

It is worth noting that World Bosses and Legion Events will be marked on the map, and the game will give players a prompt when the boss is about to appear.

Exquisite Blood Farm in Diablo 4

Trade Chat Or Buy Directly

Because of the time limit of its origin, farming Exquisite Blood will be extremely slow. Fortunately, players have the option to trade these items directly.

Your best option for finding willing buyers is to enable Trade Chat. To do this, go to Social tab in Options menu and tick Trade Chat box. This channel connects you with other players who are actively looking to sell their items. Alternatively, you can also choose to buy Exquisite Blood directly, which is the fastest way.

Summon & Defeat Lord Zir Boss

The farmable version of Lord Zir is exclusive to World Tier 4, and he can only be found in Darkened Way dungeon southeast of Fractured Peaks. If Darkened Way is locked, you may need to complete the current season’s main quest before entering the dungeon.

Players need a total of nine pieces of Exquisite Blood to summon Lord Zir boss. You can summon him in Ancient’s Seat dungeon lair at the end of Darkened Way. Place nine Exquisite Blood on Bloodied Altar to start the battle.

Diablo 4: How to Summon and Defeat Lord Zir Boss?

Torment-difficulty Lord Zir boss fight consists of four stages in total. Players will have to deal with massive amounts of Fire and Shadow damage, blood puddles, and other horrific attacks from Vampire Lord.

One thing to note is that he will also summon Bloodseekers to help him, so be prepared before fighting these guys. I suggest you buy some suitable gear to ensure high resistance to Fire and Shadow and maximize your survivability.

These are some tips you need to pay attention to when farming Exquisite Blood. Following this guide will help you defeat Lord Zir with ease and harvest tons of loot!


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