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Diablo 4 Season 3: Detailed Instruction For Knocking Down Uber Lilith - Take Barbarian As An Example

Posted: Mar 19, 2024

I'm going to show you how to defeat Uber Lilith effortlessly in Diablo 4 Season 3 without relying on Uber Uniques. Additionally, I'll be presenting a build featuring the Barbarian, but this strategy is applicable to all classes since each class possesses either a movement skill or an invincibility skill. Let's dive into it.

Diablo 4 Season 3: Detailed Instruction For Knocking Down Uber Lilith - Take Barbarian As An Example

About Season 3 Uber Lilith

First, I want to mention that Uber Lilith did change in Season 3. In the previous season, you could skip the fireball mechanics in Stage 2 if you did enough damage in the beginning, so she doesn’t set up her Blood Boils.

But now, in Season 3, Uber Lilith will set up her Blood Boils in Stage 2 no matter what, so you can’t skip the fireball mechanic. But I’ll explain how to easily dodge her fireballs and beat Uber Lilith. I will also showcase a build that can easily tank multiple fireballs in Stage 2, but the Uber Unique, the Melted Heart of Selig, is required.

With these strategies, you will not magically beat Uber Lilith on the first try, unless you’re really lucky, but it should greatly increase the odds of you beating her. I recommend using a build to easily melt Uber Lilith so you can skip the majority of her mechanics.

The one stat you’ll need on your gear to easily dodge all Uber Lilith’s mechanics is movement speed. And you can get this stat on your boots and your amulet. The movement speed stat is required on your boots and amulet. Without the movement speed, the fireballs in Stage 2 can catch up to you and easily one-shot you. So make sure you have movement speed on your boots and amulet.

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Stage 1

Starting with Stage 1, every class can skip Stage 1 of Uber Lilith if you nuke her down fast enough. If you can’t skip Stage 1 by not doing enough damage, then the one mechanic you want to learn is how to dodge her wave attack.

The wave attacks will one-shot you, but there is a simple trick to easily dodge it. So what you want to do is stand on the edge of the circle when she goes up in the air, and then right before she comes down, you want to run to the other side of the edge of the circle, and you should dodge all her wave mechanics. But I recommend just to melt Uber Lilith in Stage 1 so you can skip the wave mechanic.

Stage 1 should be easily beaten with all the classes because all the classes can destroy Stage 1 of Uber Lilith with the right build. With the Barbarian, you want to do 6 swaps to set up part of the Earthstriker's Aspect, and then enter the arena and do 2 Hammer of the Ancients to set up the Ring of Red Furor Unique ring.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Earthstriker's Aspect

Then when Uber Lilith comes down, you can use all your shouts and then do one basic attack at Uber Lilith to get the last Earthstriker swap proc, the Godslayer Crown, and apply Vulnerable to Uber Lilith, and then Hammer of the Ancients 2 on Uber Lilith in Stage 1. In order to complete the Stage 1 boss fight quickly, it's also a good idea to bring some Diablo 4 Gold.

Stage 2

You need to do 6 swaps, then right when you see Uber Lilith’s wings spawn, then you want to do 2 Hammer of the Ancients to set up the Ring of Red Fury Unique ring. Then do a basic attack at Uber Lilith to get the last Earthstriker swap, and then Hammer of the Ancients.

This should leave Uber Lilith with a sliver of life, and then get ready to do the final mechanic. So with the Barbarian, you want to use Leap as your movement skill. The reason is that you’re actually invincible in the air when using Leap. So basically, with Leap, you can go through Uber Lilith’s fireballs without taking any damage.

When Uber Lilith flies toward the platform, start running in a circle. Keep circling until she flies to the next platform. Move to the next platform when she does. Stay behind Uber Lilith and use your movement or invincibility skill to dodge fireballs. Alternate directions as she moves between platforms. Be cautious with your final attack timing to avoid fireballs.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Uber Lilith Boss Fight

Barbarian Build

I'll demonstrate how to defeat Uber Lilith and tank the fireballs in Stage 2 with Barbarian. To tank the fireballs, you'll need the Melted Heart of Cig Uber unique, because of its unique aspect, which states when taking damage, 75% is drained as 2 resource for every 1% of maximum life you would have lost..

This amulet allows you to tank multiple fireballs without dying. If you're struggling, consider farming Uber Duriel for this Unique, so the more life you build with this Uber unique amulet, the more fireballs you can tank.

Next, let's delve into the Barbarian skill tree for the one-shot build. Start with basic skills like Lunging Strike and Frenzy. Then, focus on core skills, allocating points to Hammer of the Ancients for maximum damage output. For defense, invest in Rallying Cry for Fury generation and Unstoppable. Brawling skills like War Cry enhance damage output and grant Berserking. Leap is crucial for mobility through fireballs.

In weapon mastery, prioritize Pit Fighter for increased damage to nearby enemies. Ultimate skills like Wrath of the Berserker amplify damage significantly. Allocate points to Tempered Fury and Furious Impulse for continuous Fury Generation. Enhance damage with Heavy Handed, Wallop, and Brute Force. Boost core skills with Unbridled Rage, though it increases Fury cost. These skills synergize for a potent one-shot Barbarian build.

Now, just be aware that these strategies will not make you beat Uber Lilith in your first couple of tries. These strategies should work with every class.


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