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Bless Unleashed: How To Master Fishing In The Game? - A Comprehensive Guide

Posted: Dec 29, 2023

The world of free-to-play MMOs has expanded significantly over time, providing gamers with a multitude of options featuring unique storylines and gameplay styles. 

Among the prevailing themes in MMOs, fantasy remains prominent, with titles like World of Warcraft and Black Desert Online dominating the landscape.

Blessed Unleashed, another fantasy-themed MMO, offers players an expansive world in Lumios to explore, brimming with hundreds of monsters and bosses to combat. 

Unlike many other MMOs, fishing is an integral part of Blessed Unleashed, offering players a relaxing alternative to combat. However, mastering the art of fishing requires a comprehensive understanding of the process.

Bless Unleashed: How To Master Fishing In The Game? - A Comprehensive Guide

Starting Fishing

To begin fishing, players must first interact with a Shabiki Spottedfin Puller near one of the bridges leading to Carzacor

This NPC will provide players with a series of side quests, ultimately equipping them with all the necessary tools for fishing.

Meeting The Fishing Enthusiast Shabiki

Players should initially visit the Fishing Tool Merchant located near the Soul Pyre, not far from the Shabiki Spottedfin Puller. 

The Fishing Tool Merchant offers a concise explanation of the essential tools required to initiate fishing.

Impossible For A Shabiki

After the brief explanation, the Fishing Tool Merchant provides players with a Common Fishing Rod, Wooden Sperios Reel, and Animal Tendons.

Investment Required

Subsequently, players need to purchase 10 Small Worms for 200 Gold each from the Fishing Tool Merchant

Players can hunt nearby Baby Ribus Turtles to gather additional Gold, a task particularly relevant for new players.

Finding the Ideal Fishing Location

Returning to the Shabiki Spottedfin Puller and accompanying them to a designated fishing spot is crucial. 

Blessed Unleashed then offers a fishing tutorial to guide players. Upon completion, players can continue with the remaining Shabiki Spottedfin Puller side quests or bypass them and commence fishing.

Understanding Fishing Mechanics

To commence fishing, players must approach any body of water. 

Once in proximity, players cast their fishing line within or near the light blue areas of the water. The distance the line travels depends on when players release the line; a higher percentage results in a longer cast.

A spinning circle indicates no fish has taken the bait. When a fish begins nibbling, the circle flashes. However, players should only start reeling when the circle turns green.

Upon successfully reeling in the fish or item, the icon transforms into a green checkmark. Larger fish or dented chests may require players to manipulate the line in specific directions. 

As players level up (both in character and fishing level), they gain access to improved fishing tools, allowing them to catch better-quality fish.

Utilizing Fish

Fishing serves as an efficient and cost-effective method for earning experience points in Blessed Unleashed, aiding players in leveling up quickly. 

Fish can also be utilized in crafting food recipes that confer buffs or salvaged for crafting items to sell. Players can prepare fish recipes by interacting with a Soul Pyre and selecting the "Cook" option. The variety of fish recipes available corresponds to a player's Cooking Level, which may initially be limited for new players.

Additionally, players can salvage fish at the Soul Pyre to acquire crafting materials. These materials fetch a decent amount of Bless Unleashed Star Seeds when sold or can be used to enhance specific equipment such as armor or weapons.


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