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Elden Ring: Best Faith & Dexterity Build In Patch 1.09.1 - The Godslayer Build

Posted: Jul 27, 2023

Here, I will introduce my Godslayer build in Elden Ring Patch 1.09.1.


Let's start with the more in-depth look at the gear so we can wreck anything and everything.

Elden Ring: Best Faith & Dexterity Build In Elden Ring Patch 1.09.1 - The Godslayer Build


First up, we have our main weapon, the Godslayer's Greatsword +10 and we'll be having a lot of fun with its unique skill, which is called The Queen's Black Flame.

Now, it does have a bit of a long wind-up animation. But once you start spotting enemies punish windows, you will be doing a lot of punishing. Thanks to patch 1.09, Colossal Swords have increased attribute scaling.

In our offhand, we have the Godslayer Seal +25.

You can get the Godslayer's Greatsword in a chest behind the Godskin Apostle boss in the Divine Tower of Caelid.

You can get the Godslayer Seal in the stockroom in Stormville Castle behind an Imp Statue fog gate. You will need one Stonesword Key.


In our armor slots, we have the Raging Wolf Head and chest piece and then glides gauntlets and greaves. This puts us at 51 poise for PVE keeps us at a medium load and looks pretty Elden Bling.

You can get the full Raging Wolf set from the Volcano Manor Questline and you can get blind set once you finish Ranni's Questline and you return to Ranni's Rise to fight a hostile Blaidd.


For our Talismans, we have the Shard of Alexander, boosting our Queen's Black Flame skill by 15%. We have the Flock's Canvas Talisman, boosting our incantations by 8%. We have the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, boosting our physical defense in PVE by 20%. And we have the Fire Scorpion Charm, boosting our fire damage by 12%.

You can get the Shard of Alexander from Iron Fist Alexander when beating him at the end of his questline in Crumbling Farum Azula.

Flock's Canvas Talisman can be received by Gowry when he's crying over Millicent.

The Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman is found in Elphael Brace of the Haligtree found on a chest on an elevated platform inside the large building in the Northeast guarded by several Pests.

The Fire Scorpion Charm can be found up the rampart on a wooden platform to the West Fort Laeidd in Mt Gelmir.

Flask Of Wondrous Physick

In the Flask of Wondrous Physick, then I am simply using the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear to boost our fire damage and then I'll use defensive tears, like the Opaline Hardtear or a stamina tear, like the Greenburst Crystal Tear.

The Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear and Greenburst Crystal Tear are dropped by the Erdtree Avatar found at the Minor Erdtree (Caelid).

The Opaline Hardtear here is dropped by the Putrid Avatar next to the Minor Erdtree north of Fort Farath in Caelid as well.


As for incantations, we have Golden Vow, boosting our attack in defense.

We have Flame, Grant Me Strength, boosting our attack and fire attack. We have Black Flame, which scales with your seal and does 2.5% of any boss's maximum health. And you can charge it for an extra 30% damage.

We have Scouring Black Flame again causing damage over time and can be charged for an extra 22% damage.

Then, we have Black Flame Ritual, which deals a decent 20% stance damage as well as fire damage.

  • We can get Golden Vow in Mt Gelmir at the Corpse-Stench Shack.
  • We can get Flame, Grant Me Strength in Caelid, around the back of Fort Gael.
  • Black Flame is unlocked for purchase after giving a Godskin Prayerbook to Brother Corhyn or Miriel Pastor of Vows.
  • Scouring Black Flame is dropped by the Godskin Apostle.
  • Black Flame Ritual is in the Spiritcaller Cave dropped by the Spiritcaller Snail that summoned the Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble in a consecutive boss encounter.

Before we move on to the stats, we need to mention our oil pots. We are allowing ourselves some consumables in this one. Throwing an oil pot at an enemy will boost the fire damage they recede, so you'll need the following to make them.

The Crafting Kit can be purchased from Kale in the Church of Elleh.

You'll need Cracked Pots, which you can purchase throughout the game from various vendors.

You will need the Nomadic Warriors' Cookbook [17], which can be purchased on the Abandoned Merchant in Siofra River for 1000 Elden Ring Runes. Please note: if you use the code “CSCCA”, you can also get 5% off.

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And you will need Melted Mushroom combined with your Cracked Pots to craft and Oil Pots.

These can be found growing in the Siofra River and Deeproot Depths.

Stat Spread

It's time for the stat spread. I started with the Vagabond class.

We have Vigor at 60, Mind at 35, Endurance at 27, Strength at 34, Dexterity at 57, Intelligence at 9, Faith at 50, and Arcane at 7. And we're allowing ourselves Rune Level 200.

Elden Ring Vagabond Class


Let's have a look at combat next.

It's pretty simple. We can spam the Queen's Black Flame on the Godslayer's Greatsword and we can switch between two handing the sword for the strength boost and one-handing it with our Godslayer Seal to give ourselves access to our Black Flame incantations.

These can be great for keeping distance between us and the bosses and chip away nicely at enemies health bars. You really can just keep switching it up depending on what you are fighting.


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