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Asmongold Thanked FFXIV Fans For The Fantastic Effort For Him

Posted: Aug 03, 2021

Asmongold was a well-known streamer of WOW before, but he recently chose to try FFXIV and he also praised the game. Asmongold finally arrived at FFXIV's first expansion - Heavensward, the community held a grand welcoming party, thousands of players celebrate this moment.

Although Asmongold is the king of WOW on Twitch, when he chose to try FFXIV for the first time, he was shocked by the excellent performance of the game and the number of viewers watching his new adventure. Since then, he has been very popular and the whole community likes him very much. So, when he finally arrived at Heavensward, the game's first expansion, they wanted to surprise him, so they held a grand welcoming party, which surprised Asmongold.

When he entered the game and saw shocking scenes, he kept saying it was incredible, and said that he couldn't even see all of them because there are so many people and the settings were turned to the maximum.

In this regard, he is very grateful to the fans for their efforts. This is not the first time that FFXIV players have done this. Before, they had gathered a large group of people to welcome Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar to the game. This also shows that FFXIV fans seem to be very friendly and enjoy the game.

One of the fans also said that there was crowd noise and the line almost went to the city. It was really amazing. 

It is such moments that make MMORPG games unique. There are so many interesting players and characters that can dominate the entire world, and the opportunities to create unforgettable moments are endless. If you are also attracted by the friendly atmosphere of the FFXIV community, you can try to join this game and you will have more fun.

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