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POE Harvest Guide: How To Use POE Currency To Improve Gear?

Posted: Jul 22, 2020

In Path of Exile: Harvest, all the monsters you'll encounter are planted by yourself through seeds, from easy to extremely hard, and some of which can even cause damage to everything around. What damage you are able to make when dealing with monsters is affected by your level, character class, this is also why some low-level players always suffer so much damage, but they can't counter the bosses.

Obviously, with the improved gear, it would be easier to defeat monsters, where POE Currency comes into play.

This is the most sensible to maximize the effect of limited POE Currency, and the guide is on where you should spend POE Currency.

CraftingIn Path of Exile, you'll collect a variety of raw materials and props when you explore, not all of them are valuable, and you need to select the ones you need and craft them into advanced gear, or directly sell to other players to redeem POE Items.

Simply put, you must constantly exchange a common item for a rarer one, and use it to upgrade your weapons or armor. Defense and attack are equally important, in order to make your character stand out from the crowd, you must do your best to collect some rare items.

Vendor RecipesAfter you learn about how to craft, you need to improve the gear according to the vendor recipes to maximize POE Currency in your hands. Usually, items of different colors have not the same effects, and they will also be crafted into ones with different values. With the vendor recipes, it can better help you identify items and choose the things you really need.

MapsThere is no doubt that the map is the core content of POE, what you choose to place on maps could determine what the game you'll encounter will be like, especially some rare items, never let them lose value.

POE Currency making takes a lot of time and energy, which are non-renewable, so spend it carefully.

It is a time-saving and convenient solution to buy POE Currency when you find farming is no fun. And IGGM is a top online store, engaged in POE Trade for many years, it will deal with all of your problems and create an enjoyable shopping experience.


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