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Conqueror's Blade Silver Is Hot Sale On IGGM With Season II Wrath Of The Nomads Releasing

Posted: Dec 28, 2019

Starting from now, we added to sell a new product on, Conqueror's Blade Silver. In order to attract more customers, we will sell the Silver at an unprecedented low price, once the stocks are sold out, we will continue to sell at original price, please take up your time.

On December 19, Conqueror's Blade released a free-to-play update, Season II: Wrath of the Nomads, introducing a series of new content, the battlefield maps, nomadic-themed cosmetics, the Sons of the Steppes unit line, plenty of new challenges, and exclusive Battle Pass rewards.

Battlefield Maps

Allenburg, nestled in an undulating valley, it is hard to capture, as its inner fortress presents a challenge to those who breach the outer defense, so it is often used to block attacks.

Emerald River, surrounded by mountains and divided by a great river. Geographically, it has a great advantage, because it is difficult for the enemies to attack the high ground.

Cliff Duel, surrounded by stunning landscapes and cloud-kissed peaks, so it looks more dangerous than other battlefields, giving you a sense of danger sitting on the edge of a cliff. Sons of the Steppes unit

There are a total of six units to unlock through completing several challenges, and they are determined according to the tiers.

Namkhan Archers(Tier 3)

Selemchid Cavalry(Tier 3)

Khorchins(Tier 3)

Tsereg Swordsmen(Tier 4)

Kheshigs(Tier 5)

Beyond that, the new season brings many new challenges to make improvements, along with more features in order to obtain more than 100 levels of season-exclusive rewards. As long as completing the nomadic-themed task, the players can collect wolf fangs for completed tasks and use them to unlock a selection of epic cosmetic items in the seasonal shop inspired by their culture, such as the thick furs, antler helms, as well as the garb of the proud peoples of the Steppes.

Now, Conqueror's Blade Season II is available and free to download, enjoy it.


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