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Cabal Online Alz

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What Is Cabal Online Alz?

Alz is the virtual currency used in the online multiplayer game Cabal Online.

Players can use Alz to buy items, equipment, and other in-game resources from various NPCs and player-run shops within the game.

Alz can be obtained through various in-game activities such as completing quests, defeating monsters, and participating in in-game events.

Additionally, players can also trade Alz with other players in exchange for goods and services within the game. As a crucial part of the game's economy, Alz plays a significant role in the progression and success of players within the Cabal Online universe.

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Cabal Online: How To Make Your Wizard Invincible In Boss Fights? - Combat Tips

Cabal Online: How To Make Your Wizard Invincible In Boss Fights? - Combat Tips

As the quintessential Glass Cannon, almost everyone who decides to play Wizards faces a tough survival problem. Therefore, I have collected a few tips that all Wizard players can use to survive tough boss fights. Although this guide is mainly aimed at Wizards, other classes may find it useful as well.

Getting Gear

Of course, the easiest solution is to get better gear. Anyone can give you this advice, but let’s look at something that is actually available for free, or at least a lot less Cabal Online Alz than you would have to invest in just getting new gear.

Focus On HP Steal

As a Wizard, you have 3 class-specific survival skills, 2 of which restore your HP, and one that absorbs a lot of damage.

One of the biggest mistakes people make here is to start panicking when their HP is low, and then use all of these skills at once. The way I recommend using them is as follows.

First, when you are engaged in a tough boss fight and take damage, your goal is to compensate for your HP loss long enough to defeat it. As I always tell people, HP Steal is Wizard’s best friend. It’s basically the first step to survival, because it will restore part of your HP as long as you keep attacking.

Use HP Potions Wisely

If HP Steal doesn’t make up for it, use potions. If you’re facing a really tough enemy, the level 3 potions sold by Grocers and Alchemists in each town aren’t always enough, so you might want to carry some level 4 potions with you. You can get them from DP Cube in Port Lux, or trade directly with other players.

If HP Steal and potions still aren’t enough, then it’s time to use the regeneration buff. But remember that you can’t exceed your health limit, so it’s important to get hurt a few times before using it.

It doesn’t last long, so you can use Mass Restore after using it, or at the same time, if the enemy is too strong.

Spirit Shield

If your health is still dropping, then you can use the emergency trump card - Spirit Shield. Normally, you should use it when the situation is critical, especially when you are only 1 hit away from death. It gives you a temporary extra health bar that you have to drain before you can take damage again. During this time, your main health bar can still be filled using HP Potions and HP Steal.

Wing Protect

Last but not least, after you get Wings, you’ll have Wing Protect, which completely blocks 1 hit, or at rare grade even 2 hits, no matter how much damage they do. This can be used as a last resort for survival.

Now, I also want to point out that getting hit with your Spirit Shield on or Wing Protect on will make you immune to status effects like Silence, Suppression, etc. So it’s usually worth using them if you’re expecting special attacks.

Now that you understand how these skills work, there’s one more thing to consider: Spirit Shield has a much shorter cooldown than either the regeneration buff or Wing Protect. So another approach is to use that one first, and then use your other skills during the cooldown to survive another 60 seconds. How you use it is up to you.

Boost Your Defensive Stats

Of course, skills alone won’t make you invincible. You’ll eventually need new gear to get bigger defensive stats. I can't give you any specific advice, but it's probably a good idea to try to maximize your HP, Defense, Damage Reduction, and Ignore Penetration. Ignore Penetration works outside of PVP, too.

It’s important to note that Defense Rate and Evasion allow you to completely avoid damage from certain hits, but they’re chance-based. There’s a chance you can block every hit, or there’s a chance that all hits hit you and you die.

As a Wizard wearing Martial Sets, your base Defense Rate is pretty good, so it’s worth trying to improve your survivability with things like Passive Skills, Merits, and even Buff Potions. And if you avoid hits, you’ll get some time to recover more of the lost HP.

Evasion, on the other hand, is primarily granted by Dexterity stat, and Wizards have a very low Dexterity stat. Sure, it can drastically increase your useless blue stats, but it’s impossible for a Wizard to get enough permanent Evasion to make a difference, since it’s chance-based. Still, Evasion Potions are useful, they just last a short time.

Last but not least, as I already mentioned, you should try to get enough percentage value of HP Steal to make up for your damage, and try to get as much HP Steal as possible even on non-critical hits.

Vampiric Earring, Rune, Talisman, and even a pair of Shoes or an Amulet can increase it. This is a very powerful non-PVP stat that counts how many times each attack hits each monster. There are many places where you can basically recover all your health from hitting random monsters around the boss just by doing a little baiting.

Range Advantage

There is one more thing I want to emphasize. As we all know, Wizard is a ranged class, and its most powerful skill has a range of 6 in BM2 and 7 in BM3, and many bosses simply can’t reach that far.

Fortunately, Blink also makes Wizard the most mobile and fastest moving class. So add these two together, it’s the so-called hit-and-run tactics.

In short, in many cases, if you keep doing this, you can completely avoid taking damage. So, hurry up and try to see who can stand till the end in the boss battle!

Cabal Online: Mastering These Tips & Tricks Will Make You A Huge Loot In Dungeons

Cabal Online: Mastering These Tips & Tricks Will Make You A Huge Loot In Dungeons

The biggest concern for many players after entering an MMO is where and what to farm to get loot to sell and develop their character, and this is also true for Cabal Online.

But to be honest, I have been avoiding this topic, mainly because it is very specific and usually gets outdated quickly. Because every update adds new content to the game, every few weeks we get new events, and every year there are sleazy scammers who destroy the game market by releasing software that farms dungeons for people.

Last but not least, there is another factor that I can safely say that a lot of people will learn from such guides. So if I prove that Ruina Station is the most profitable dungeon, everyone will flock there, instead making it the least profitable dungeon simply because it leads to an overabundance of loot that people usually farm there.

So with all these factors in mind, I will not tell you what to farm. It will not make you rich, and you still need a lot of luck and hard work if you want to go further.

In this guide, we are going to show you the methods that people used to farm and maybe give you some guidelines on what works best for you, as well as some general tips on what to focus on when farming.


Before we get started, I have to throw in a disclaimer. Because this isn’t like a scientific study of how things work, this is just my opinion and I’m just talking about this from experience, so there are definitely more efficient methods that I just don’t know about. Of course, all the super successful people out there are welcome to share their ideas!

Farming Methods

Now that I mentioned farming methods, let’s start with that.

Casual Farming

We’re going to call the first method casual farming. This method is for people who really just open up the game once in a while to spend an hour of their free time and don’t really have any future plans.

You just open the dungeon list in the menu, scroll with your mouse and select whatever you want to do, just don’t do anything too difficult. There’s always some friends or guild mates to chat with and enjoy a stress-free game.

This method won’t really get you far in the game, but it’s a very fun way to kill time when you don’t have anything better to do or don’t want to focus. But of course, there is always a slight chance to get lucky and get some valuable loot, like Extenders or Bikes.

Focused Farming

For the second method, I will call it focused farming. This is for more dedicated players who like to set some goals for themselves and are willing to spend time to get achievements.

The way the loot system of Cabal Online dungeons works is that the chests or bosses in each regular dungeon can drop weapon and armor parts, Upgrades and Force Cores, and occasional rare items like Epaulets, Extenders and Bikes.

But almost every dungeon has some kind of loot that is specific to that dungeon and cannot be obtained elsewhere.

When you click on the entrance of a dungeon, a tab will appear with a list of most of the notable loot. Usually, at the end of that list, you can find things that are unique to that dungeon. For example, Awakened Hazardous Valley is the only place where you can loot Orphidia’s Amulet.


The third method I call grinding. Every common monster and every treasure chest in Eternal Chaos Arena and Glacies Inferna drops fragments, which can be used to obtain Divine Stones or Chaos Cores.

These fragments are almost guaranteed, and are also affected by the drop rate boosts from Premium Services, Blessing Beads, and Events. This means that you will get more or less the same number of fragments with each run.

So with each run you are guaranteed to get a certain amount of Cabal Online Alz income, without having to rely on luck. But this is also the downside: you also have no chance of getting something more valuable!

This method is perfect for people who like to listen to music or watch movies while doing the same thing repeatedly.

My Advice

Next, I will give you some advice on sticking with these methods to keep farming.

Prioritize Completing Dungeons With Low Entry Fees

The first advice I will give you is to minimize your dungeon entry costs. That is, only run those dungeons with lower entry fees that your income will cover, even if you only find a few Upgrade Cores.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the free entries that are mailed after completing certain dungeons. If you open the entrance window for any dungeon, you’ll see a section with the mailed rewards.

Also, keep in mind that for some dungeons, you can actually complete them up to 3 times a day using free entries you get in the mail, essentially eliminating the entry fee altogether. Unfortunately, this only applies to lower-tier dungeons, but there are still a lot of them, so you can spend hours completing them.

Keep Small Items

The second piece of advice is, don’t underestimate the value of small stuff! Over time, they add up, and you’d be surprised how much money some people waste on small stuff that they just throw away.

For this reason, I usually keep Upgrade and Force Cores pieces for crafting, as well as common Scrolls like Attack or Crit Damage. I throw them into Agent Shop when I don’t have anything else more valuable to put there.

As for Alz loot, I personally also learn and max out 3 runes, just because I need those rune slots in the future for higher-level stuff that I can’t afford right now. It’s useful in the long run.

Also, when running dungeons that drop Palladium equipment, sometimes it’s not worth it to extract them, since Astral Cores are almost worthless.

But if you have some inventory space to keep these items until you finish the dungeon, NPCs will actually pay quite a bit for them! One piece of armor costs over 100,000, so if you sell about 3 or 4 pieces, that’s already the price of an Upgrade Core.

Use Potions Wisely

One last thing to mention: the difficulty of the chosen dungeon and the use of buff potions and elixirs. Many players want to complete some dungeons that are beyond their ability, and in order to make up for the missing equipment, they use potions.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with doing this. After all, this is one reason these potions exist. As long as you complete a quest once, see what that dungeon is like, complete an achievement, or prove to your friends that you’re awesome, then it’s fine. But it’s not good to keep farming, and you’ll just end up wasting a lot of potions.

Instead, I recommend saving these potions for when you’re farming dungeons that you can complete without too much effort. Using these can greatly increase the speed at which you can clear these dungeons.

Some less profitable activities, usually Hunting Events, will often reward players with these potions, so it’s a good idea to stack them up for later use.

All in all, I hope this information will be helpful in your dungeon farming, and all veteran players are welcome to share their thoughts on this issue. See you next time!

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