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WOW Classic SOD: Why Keep These BiS Items From Phase 1?

Posted: Jan 15, 2024

Posted: Jan 15, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Today, we’re talking about the items you need to get now to become BiS or Pre-BiS in the next phase. Phase 2 is coming on February 8th, so it’s important that we get the right items now.

I’m sure you know by now that Phase 2 has a new Gnomeregan Raid, new dungeons, new quests, and new rewards. Some of that gear will be replaced soon, but not all.

In fact, some parts you can get now are still Pre-BiS or true BiS in Phase 2, which is why it’s absolutely important that you plan and prioritize your gear now.

WOW Classic SOD: Why Keep These BiS Items From Phase 1?

SoD Phase 1 Weapons To Priority

So let’s talk about all the gear that needs to be prioritized for Phase 2, starting with the weapons I’m working on.

There are two major weapons you’ll have with you before starting Gnomeregan Raid, unfortunately neither of them are Deadly Strike of the Hydra. Because it has several better mission reward options. For example, there are weapons like Excalibur, or just Nightblade.

It’s not a one-handed weapon either, as you have good handling options like Scout’s Blade or the extremely expensive Gut Ripper.

The first weapon we really want to keep is Azshari Arbalest. There are also some similar bows available here, such as Outrider’s Bow or the expensive Bow of Searing Arrows.

You most likely won’t find another epic crossbow in a raid. Therefore, you will definitely continue to use Rod of the Ancient Sleepwalker. This was arguably the most over-tuned weapon in all of Phase 1, and it remained dominant until its entry into Gnomeregan Raid.

WOW Classic SOD Phase 1 Pre Raid Best In Slot!

SoD Phase 1 Armor To Priority

Let’s move on to the next slot. Necklaces like Black Shroud Choker, Jagged Bone Necklace or High Tide Choker are still popular. Even with Spectral Necklace on Auction House, it’s still easy to hold your own in Gnomeregan.

As for helmets, from a pure damage perspective, Spellpower Goggles Xtreme far outshines anything. But every spellcaster can access Gnomeregan via Rakkamar’s Tattered Thinking Cap or their Twilight Invoker’s Shawl. There’s not much difference.

Another piece of armor you will definitely keep before Pre-BiS is your epic craft. Of course, there are plenty of great Pre-BiS options here, like Truesilver Gauntlets from Blacksmithing.

It’s worth noting that if you have a Warsong Reputation, the next level will have a level 28 ring and a level 38 ring, both of which are equally good for physical damage. You can get Pre-BiS Ring in just 3 seconds by spending WOW Classic SOD Gold on two Legionnaire’s Bands from the vendor.

WOW Classic SOD: New BIS items and more buffs


Let’s talk about how to lock down these items and get them as quickly as possible.

The first place to get those old Phase 1 items that are still available in Phase 2 is Auction House. You also have to start stacking BFD runs to make sure you get all the gear you need. This is where the top guilds run batches, meaning they no longer have to compete in gear.

Warsong Reputation is another key. This is mandatory for all series of players. Even if you make the team, that’s hard to replace.

So you may be wondering why it is so important that we get these items now rather than wait until later. Mainly because farming Pre-BiS items like Acolyte’s Void Pearl or even Warsong Reputation will become more difficult in the next phase.

Now, in Find Groups channel, you can easily join BFD in minutes. Yet by February 8th, most people won’t even be running BFD anymore.

WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 Raid Guide

True BiS Items

We’ve already discussed Pre-BiS, so let’s talk about the next phase of real BiS items.

The first thing you’ll want to keep in Phase 2 is your Acolyte’s Void Pearl, which will probably add more powerful, activatable trinkets. But for swapping, there are some things that can be swapped back that are really hard to replace.

You may not keep your epic craft all the way through Phase 2, but as a flag runner, I will always use my carefully crafted Void Boost as an exchange when running flags.

Another item that is unlikely to be replaced in the next phase will be Rod of the Ancient Sleepwalker. This is by far the best weapon and is the base weapon for the final stages. You can buy it when you reach level 38, and it will be very close to BiS throughout the phase.

So those are some of the great BiS items I found in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 1, some of which will remain BiS or Pre-BiS once SoD Phase 2 arrives. So, hurry up and plan and gear up for Phase 2!


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