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WOW Classic SOD: The Latest Class Changes In Season Of Discovery - Hunter & Priest

Posted: Jan 12, 2024

Wowhead just posted some class changes on January 11th, which is Hunter and Priest class tuning incoming in WoW Season of Discovery. It needs to be highlighted that hunters will experience a significant change in their pets, which is that pet damage and focus regeneration will be reduced. As for Priest, the healing from runes will also be reduced by 20%.

If you want to try this 2 classes after changes, be sure to prepare for plenty of WoW SOD Gold.

WOW Classic SOD: The Latest Class Changes In Season Of Discovery - Hunter & Priest

Hunter Class Change

For hunters, we have Chimera Shot weapon damage increased to 100%, up from 85%. So Chimera Shot is getting a bit of a buff. We have Explosive Shot base damage increased by 25% before the Attack Power modifiers, so Explosive Shot aslo getting a bit of a buff here. Then we have the mana cost of Chimera Shot, Explosive Shot, Carve, Kill Command, and Flanking Strike reduced by 50%, so another buff is there.

Then obviously for the Beast Mastery rune, here’s where some nerfs come in. Beast Mastery rune bonus health and damage provided to hunter pets reduced to 20%, down from 30%, so a 10% nerf there. Beast Mastery rune bonus Focus regeneration provided to hunter pets reduced to 50%, down from 80%. That’s a bit of a big nerf which is 30% there.

Then the developer notes: We remain concerned that hunter pets are still too powerful and believe that the best way forward is to rein in the Beast Mastery rune while compensating via the Hunter’s main spells. It looks like they’re trying to give some more incentive to use Chimera Shot or Explosive Shot. Change your spec because now, there’s just no reason to not use the Beast Mastery rune. So I guess we’re going to have to wait and see how this plays out.

WoW Classic SOD Beast Mastery Rune

Priest Class Change

Then for Priests, we have just a solid nerf right here. Rune abilities cause a 20% decrease in the amount of base healing. Then in the notes, we have: Priests are outperforming other healers significantly. This adjustment will apply to the Prayer of Mending, Penance, and Circle of Healing. We’ll confirm here when the changes go live to all Season of Discovery realms.

Classes In BFD

Here are the statistics for BFD in the 99th percentile: We have Warriors at the top, then we have Rogues second on the list, then the next is Marksman Hunters. I guess Marksman is going to be Marksman and Beast Mastery. Then we have melee Hunters. But there’s only 2 Hunter specs here. It could be whatever their spec is, but we have Warrior, Rogue, and then Hunter, and then Feral Druid.

Those changes that they’re making are more centered around PVP because Hunters are not dominating anymore in PVE. So I guess it kind of makes sense, especially with a Warsong weekend coming up. You’re going to be fighting Hunters a lot in Warsong Gulch, so a little of a nerf to their pets might help you out unless you’re a Hunter. I think the class is still going to be really strong. Even the Beast Mastery rune is still going to be extremely strong.


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