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WOW Classic SOD: Where To Find Paladin’s First 4 Runes?

Posted: Dec 15, 2023

WoW Classic Season of Discovery has just come out, and everyone is searching for these new runes to unlock cool new abilities

Some of these can be very easy to miss, so I want to go over the first four that you can find as a Paladin in the human starter area. You can all of these runes in either Elwynn Forest or Stormwind

WOW Classic SOD: Where To Find Paladin's First 4 Runes?

1. Crusader Strike

Starting with number one, and that is Crusader Strike

Crusader Strike is very easy to get, as it is in your starter area, and you are given it as a quest. Crusader Strike is great early damage, and it also recovers Mana

Head to your class trainer. They’ll tell you to go find a stolen libram. Then, head over the river to where the Defias Thugs are in the big vineyard and defeat a bunch of those until they drop the libram. If you have enough WoW SoD Gold, you can equip yourself before fighting. This way you can beat them more easily.

You equip the libram, and it gives you a mini quest to use your seal 10 times. So, cast a seal and then use judgment on 10 different enemies or 10 times, and that will fully charge the libram. 

Then, just use the libram again while it’s equipped, and that will turn into the Crusader Strike rune that you can then equip.

2. Inspiration Exemplar

The next one we need to head into Elwynn Forest itself, and this is Inspiration Exemplar. This is a spell that dispels Fear and Sleep on nearby party members. 

For this, you head over to the hill near Gerrard’s Landing, which is south of Elwynn Forest, and you’re looking for some remains on the ground. These despawn after someone uses them. So, if you head here and you don’t find them, just sort of hang around this hill, and eventually, it’ll spawn. 

Once the runes spawn, you just click on them, and it spawns a portal. Now, for this, you need a second Paladin or apparently a Priest can help as well to help channel this portal. So, once you have a Paladin friend or a Priest friend, you party up, and you channel this portal, defeat the spirit, and you get the rune. 

3. Aegis

Next up is Aegis. Aegis functions as a defensive rune specifically designed for tanks, enhancing both the block value and the likelihood of successful blocks.

To get this, you need to go to your class trainer at level 8 and learn Cleanse

Then, head to the Jasperlode Mines. You can do this as part of the quest that takes you there, or you can just head there yourself later on. 

Head all the way to the back. Past all the Cobalts to the back where the Spiders are. 

Once you get to the spider area, you head up the left path, and there should be an Injured Adventurer like a Poisoned Adventurer

Now, if he’s gone, someone’s already used it. Someone’s already cleansed him. And if you get there and he’s recovered, someone’s already done it. 

So, you need to wait for like that quest to time out and the adventurer to disappear, and then for him to respawn poisoned. As soon as he spawns, you need to cleanse him, and then he’ll thank you. And that’s when you get your reward. 

4. Rebuke

Next one is Rebuke. This is very good for a Paladin early on. It’s an interrupt for Spellcasting, and it also prevents Spellcasting for 2 seconds, giving us basically two spell interrupts at level 10 with our stun. 

To get this, you head into Stormwind and go to the park section of the map on the top left. Head into the bar here and talk to the Bartender, who will tell you there’s a drunk bothering them and disrupting their business.

Extend assistance as the righteous Paladin you embody, and proceed to the right side upon entering the door. So as you come in, turn right, and that corner of the room is where the drunk will spawn. 

Again, if someone’s already beat him recently, he won’t be there. So, just hang around. He’ll respawn. And then go talk to him, start the fight, and then beat him. 

Once he’s defeated, go back to the Bartender, talk to them, and get your reward. 

If you find someone already fighting them and try to join them, that doesn’t work. You have to talk to them yourself, to the drunk yourself. That’s the only way to pass this.


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