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WOW Classic SOD: Vendors In These Locations Provide Valuable PvP Items For Phase 3!

Posted: Apr 13, 2024

Hi, players! This time, I will delve into all the exciting new additions in WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3 that you might not be aware of yet. You can obtain some amazing items from the vendors in Booty Bay to Winterspring and more. There's a lot to cover regarding the PvP items now available to players.

WOW Classic SOD: Vendors In These Locations Provide Valuable PvP Items For Phase 3!

Booty Bay

In Booty Bay, visit Rix Xizzix at the Lost and Found vendor. You can purchase various items there. For instance, you can acquire the Avenger's Void Pearl for 75 SOD Gold if you prefer a different one from BFD. You can also obtain an inert mantle of nightmares, which is essential for crafting your epic shoulders.

The Agamaggan's Roar allows you to acquire the Wild Offerings if you accidentally deleted yours. These are just a few additional items added to the Lost and Found vendor, which is a welcome addition for player choices.


The next vendor is Qia in the Winterspring. This vendor was removed until now and in Phase 3 because she sells Pattern: Frostsaber Boots, Mooncloth and Runecloth Gloves, Enchant Chest, and the Runecloth Bag. Just something to pay attention to and look out for vendor and getting your recipes.

WOW Classic SOD Winterspring


The next is the Timbermaw Hold fraction, situated north of Felwood, west of Winterspring, and south of Moonglade. However, you can find it at the crossroads of these 3 regions. Engaging in the quest chain to improve your reputation with them is highly recommended.

Doing so can yield powerful rewards, such as the item Transmute Earth to Water, which is particularly valuable for Alchemists because of the scarcity of Essences of Water. Enchantments like Enchant Weapon - Agility become accessible, making Enchanters a sought-after group. Obtaining an Arcanite Rod may be also necessary for these enchantments.

Yojamba Isle

Let's journey to Yojamba Isle, located in Tanaris or Stranglethorn Vale. There, we'll find the NPC known as the Purveyor of Lost Goods. Take the Potent Portables quest that he offers. By turning in a Flask of Mojo, you can obtain your raid flask. These flasks come in varieties for healing, melee range, and spell power.

Another great thing is the Jungle Durian food which is almost double the current food. I think this is to supplement sort of drink walking and allow you to just really get your health and mana up. If you look at the value in the lower right corner, you'll see that it's double then the current.

WOW Classic SOD Yojamba Isle

Blackrock Depths

The Thorium Brotherhood is indeed present in the WoW SOD Phase 3, albeit challenging to engage with. However, achieving a friendly reputation with them can yield valuable rewards. For instance, you can obtain the Enchant Weapon - Strength, providing a significant boost of 15 strength. While 'Transmute: Elemental Fire' is a notable option, its usefulness is limited in the Classic version of the game.

To access the Thorium Brotherhood vendor, you'll need to navigate to the Grim Guzzler, which requires clearing BFD. There are methods, such as using invisibility potions, to reach the vendor, and these strategies remain effective today. You can also acquire items like 'Mighty Spirit', although its utility for enchanting may be limited.

You'll find various fire resistance gear available, though crafting it is currently challenging because of the requirement of Fiery Cores from Molten Core. Achieving revered status with the Thorium Brotherhood grants access to the 'Mighty Intellect' enchantment, which can significantly enhance a one-handed weapon with 22 intellect.


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