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WOW Classic SOD: Top Secret Of Mage Preparation For Season Of Discovery Phase 2

Posted: Feb 01, 2024

We have a ton of new information regarding the upcoming WoW Classic Phase 2. I'll be covering all the details and items that prove beneficial for Mages. Let's delve into it. Ensure you have enough WoW SOD Gold ready for your Mage's Phase 2 journey.

WOW Classic SOD: Top Secret Of Mage Preparation For Season Of Discovery Phase 2

Gnomeregan Raid Loot

Let’s start with Gnomerega loot. We got some amazing items, starting with weapons. Arcane Mages get the Defibrillating Staff - big bonus healing and big arcane damage. We also have the Staff of the Evil Genius. For one-handers, we have the Dagger Glimmering Gizmoblade. This is a huge pickup for Mages. We would pair it with the Necro-Gnomicon or 9-60 Repair Manual.

We got 2 powerful wands: Izzleflick's Inextinguishable Igniter and Mechanostrider Gear Shifter. Mechanostrider Gear Shifter is going to be huge, not just for the nin spell damage, but it’s also doing arcane damage for healing.

Onto jewelry, we have 2 neck options: Piston Pendant and Pendant of Homecoming. Always nice to scoot some mp5 when we can. For rings, we have Hypercharged Gear of Innovation and Hypercharged Gear of Conflagration, as well as the Electrocutioner Hexnut. For trinkets, we have the Miniaturized Combustion Chamber.

Moving on to armors, for shoulders, we have the Synthetic Mantle, but still a solid pickup for us. For cloaks, we have Cloak of Invention and Ingenuity's Cover. Now, I know I’ve been showing a lot of healing items. Healing gear isn’t the best for healing Mages. They scale better off of spell damage since most of their healing comes from their damage. In case some of the new runes scale off healing, I am including a bunch of these healing items.

WOW Classic SOD Gnomeregan Raid Loot

For chest, we got a lot of options. Mages will be after the Irradiated Robes, though one of the big drawbacks with the Mage DPS set is the minus stamina it gives, as you’ll see on the other set pieces.

For pants, we have Irradiated Trousers. And for boots, we have Irradiated Boots. Incredible set as it has a lot of hits, crit, and damage, but you’ll be losing 35 stamina when wearing the set, which is quite a lot. The trade-off is probably worth it, but not a fan of the minus stamina, especially for Dungeon farming and such.

For bracers, we’ve got Lev’s Oil-Stained Bindings. These are worse than the Warsong Gulch bracers, so if you’re exalted with them, you won’t be picking these up. For gloves, we have Fighter Ace Gloves, which are worse than the Dreamwave Gloves. For belt, we have Volatile Concoction Belt - nice hit chance of damage.

PVP Event

Let’s move on to the PVP event - the Blood Moon. Mages get access to 3 Blood Harvest items - Emberblood Seal, Loop of Chilled Veins and Blood Resonance Circle. We end up with 3 rings that only give us specific spell damage,but these rings are going to be good for quality of life. Look at this Paladin sword - Bloodlight Avenger‘s Edge, it would be nice if there are more like this.

Mage Runes

Let’s talk about runes. Next phase, we are getting waist and feet runes. These are probably coming in Phase 3. Starting with the Phase 2 runes, let’s go with the feet slot.

For feet, we get Brain Freeze, Chronostatic Preservation, and Spell Power. Brain Freeze is neat and all, but I definitely assume most Mages are going to be running spell power in their feet slot. 50% increased critical strike damage is amazing.

WOW Classic SOD Mage Runes

For belt, we have a lot of options here: Frostfire Bolt, Hot Streak, Missile Barrage, and Spellfrost Bolt. Hot Streak isn’t giving us instant cast Flame Strikes, but that probably would have been too OP for AOE farming. Frostfire Bolt is whatever, not super hyped about that. Missile Barrage is massive for Arcane rotation. Gives PVP Mages a nice healing option they can spam. Not sure this will make Frost healing viable in PVE, but this should be massive for PVP.

For helm slots, we only got 2: Deep Freeze, which is a PVP stun, and Temporal Anomaly. Seems like a good healing ability. Launches an orb forward and shields members it hits. Should be good for sending into melee clumps and shielding them up. Curious what other runes Mages will get in this helm slot later.

Living Flame Nerf

Let’s talk about class balance changes. Feel like every Mage on the planet knew this nerf was coming, but Living Flame has been nerfed. If you read the text for Temporal Beacon, it has been changed. It used to say that it reduced the damage of Arcane Explosion by 80%, but now that is taken into account all AOE spells. This includes Living Flame. I think this is a wonderful change. Mages were kind of out of control. I would have maybe preferred to see a target cap instead, but this is to be expected.


Quickly talking about professions. We have a new alchemy potion that’s pretty nice. As far as professions, I think we’ll either be Engineering and Tailoring or Tailoring and Enchanting. I’m not sure what will be better yet, but I assume I’ll still be Tailoring and Engineering.


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