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WOW Classic SOD: These 2 Dungeons Are Worth To Farm At Level 40 - Uldaman & RFD

Posted: Feb 21, 2024

As Phase 2 unfolds for WoW Season of Discovery, now is an opportune moment to discuss the significance of these dungeons - Uldaman and RFD. While both Alderman and RFD seems similar as other dungeons, it's the abundance of noteworthy trash drops and enticing boss items that make them stand out.

WOW Classic SOD: These 2 Dungeons Are Worth To Farm At Level 40 - Uldaman & RFD


Maybe you want to wait and do these dungeons at level 40 because they do have quests with them, especially Uldaman. There are at least 3 to 4 quests that you do inside or outside of the dungeon. If you save that for Level 40, you’re going to get a lot of WoW SOD Gold just from doing those quests.

Boss Loot

Some of that will be hard to complete for Uldaman, since the back half of it is Level 45 and the dungeon or the bosses have loot that you can’t even equip. But if you have a solid group of gamers that you trust, you should be able to have no problem farming the trash and some bosses. So let’s talk about some of the boss loot.

For Ironaya, you need a couple items to summon her, they have the Stonewaver Leggings. These actually have 15 healing on them as well, so these are massive for casters. And let’s not forget about Eric' the Swift'. At the STV event, the PVP is super popular, so we have the Horned Viking Helmet, which has a Knockback, great for Warriors. We have the Nordic Longshank, which is actually considered pre-BIS for a lot of classes. And then we have the Olaf's All Purpose Shield, which reduces your fall speed, useful for STV again.

For the Grimlok, Archaedas, all have items that you can’t even equip, but we have the Ancient Stone Keeper, which has the Cragfists plus defense, and if you get good stats on a random Enchantment, great for Warriors or Paladins.

WOW Classic SOD Uldaman

Trash Drops

Now, l will explain the main reason why I love Uldaman - the trash drops. You have the Papal Fez with 22 healing, you have a bunch of different other items that have a massive amount of stats on them that could be useful for your character. You have the unearth bands, which have random enchantment again, but also 8 AP attached to them with another enchant, and if you get good stats on them, these could be massive for you. You have the Skullplate Bracers, which are plate and also a little better than the BFD ones.

You have the Monolithic Bow, which is actually considered pre-BIS for Warriors, has 6 Strength and 3 Agility. You have the Digmaster 5000, which most of the Warriors are miners. This is a great offhand especially for Orcs. You have the Stonevault Bonebreaker, good attack speed for a main hand, also has 16 AP on it. You have a good offhand sword, another good offhand sword, a good 2-handed axe, the Pendulum of Doom with 4.0 attack speed, delivers a 250 to 350 damage chance on hit. Now, if you end up getting this item, you are going to make a ton of gold. And then you also have the Shoveler and the Jackhammer, both are not very important ones.


Let’s take a look at Razorfen Downs dungeon as well. There are also some nice loot and drops.

Boss Loot

Let’s take a look at RFD as well. You have the Carapace of Tuten's Kash which is very good. Now these Arachnid Gloves could also be good as well if you get a good random Enchantment on them. But the main thing for Warriors is the Ragglesnout because he has the Bone Champion' Belt with 30 AP on it, which is massive. The Savage Boar's Guard is also with 22 AP on it. If you’re Pro, a lot of blocks with that strength and it also has X'caliboar. Not your best option for Orc, but 40 AP on a sword with decent attack speed.

Trash Drops

And then some of the trash again, the Quillward Harness, 19 Agility, 188 strength, that will sell for a lot of money. The wand, Freezing Shard, isn’t very popular now. But for boosting opportunity that would be good. The Quillshooter, which should be worth a decent amount of gold. And then you will have the Manslayer and Boneslasher.


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