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WOW Classic SOD: How To Easily Master Reckoning Paladin PVP In Phase 2?

Posted: Feb 28, 2024

Currently, there aren’t many players opting for Reckoning, but I see significant potential for Phase 2 in WoW Season of Discovery. It holds its own against traditional Ret PvP builds. While there are trade-offs with each specialization, I particularly appreciate the immense burst damage of Reckoning. So, let’s uncover the mysteries this build.

WOW Classic SOD: How To Easily Master Reckoning Paladin PVP In Phase 2?

About Reckoning

Reckoning is essentially a PvP damage build that centers around a talent from the Protection tree. With Reckoning, every critical damage you endure generates one stack, with a maximum of 4 stacks. As demonstrated in my video, once you accumulate all four stacks, activating your auto-attack will grant you 4 additional hits alongside your regular melee swing. Additionally, you can employ clever Seal Twisting techniques to enhance your burst potential even further.


Let's delve into the specifics of the build. First off, prioritize Strength and Stamina as your primary stats. When it comes to weapons, aim for the best options available. Pendulum of Doom reigns supreme, offering unparalleled power.

Another excellent choice is the Bloodied Avenger, boasting a hefty 3.6 top end, ensuring devastating blows. While the Nicker axe is an option with a 3.3 top end, it pales in comparison to the burst potential of the Bloodied Avenger. Additionally, it's crucial to equip a weapon chain.

As a Reckoning player, the risk of being disarmed is one you cannot afford to take. Disarmament severely undermines your effectiveness, making it imperative to safeguard against it by using a weapon chain without compromise. Don't forget to bring some WoW SOD Gold in advance to get any of these weapons to improve your abilities.


When it comes to rune, Sacred Shield is my preference for PvP, although Art of War is also an option. Additionally, there are some interesting items you can incorporate into your build for added effectiveness.

One such item is Frost Oil. This substance not only slows opponents, which is advantageous in itself, but it also significantly boosts your damage output. Frost Oil can trigger multiple times from your Reckoning swings, providing an additional 80 or 90 damage per hit. Considering its potential impact, I highly recommend utilizing Frost Oil, particularly for PvP encounters.

WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 Paladin Runes

Then, I opt for Seal of Martyrdom, Crusader Strike, Sheath of Light, Exorcism for additional damage output, and Sacred Shield. Sacred Shield may seem unconventional, and it's not widely utilized, but it serves a purpose for Reckoning builds. While it may not provide significant benefits, absorbing 120 damage can be advantageous. Moreover, it offers a strategic advantage before engaging in combat.

By casting Sacred Shield on yourself and following it with a Flash of Light, you gain a minor heal over time effect. Although it's not substantial, it adds up, especially when amplified by critical hits. This heal over time effect can also synergize with other healing effects, such as Druid HoTs, further enhancing your survivability in battle.

Blood Moon Event

There's a slight adjustment I make specifically for the Blood Moon event. During this event, I switch to Divine Storm for its AoE capabilities. Securing kills during the Blood Moon event is highly beneficial, making AoE attacks preferable. Apart from this alteration, the build primarily focuses on single-target burst damage, which I'll elaborate on later. The synergy between Seal of Martyrdom and Reckoning is noteworthy.

With Reckoning stacks, every swing applies Martyrdom, and by twisting into Righteousness, each hit inflicts both Martyr and Righteousness damage simultaneously. This combination results in additional burst damage, particularly effective for single-target encounters.


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