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WOW Classic SOD: A Quick Guide To Protection Paladin Tank In Season Of Discovery

Posted: Dec 23, 2023

I’m going to show you a quick guide on Protection Paladin Tank in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. In this guide, we will go over three topics: leveling and talents, runes, and Pre-raid BiS gear for BFD.

Leveling And Talents

For leveling and talents, I would recommend speccing into the holy tree. This unlocks Consecration at level 20, which will be extremely useful for doing AOE damage in Dungeons and holding aggro while you farm your pre-raid gear ready for BFD. So, I recommend that by level 20, you should get Consecration and the Hand of Reckoning Rune unlocked, ready for dungeons. These, combined with Righteous Fury, will make tanking dungeons much easier.

WOW Classic SOD: A Quick Guide To Protection Paladin Tank In Season Of Discovery

Once you hit Level 25 and have your gear ready for BFD raid, you have two options regarding talents. The first is the Consecration build, as I spoke about before. Combining Consecration with Righteous Fury allows you to create high amounts of threat and tank large mob packs. The second is the standard prop build. This build will make you more tanky than the Consecration build and is used for more single-target boss encounters, making it great for BFD.

You can also pick up Blessing of Kings, which is a nice buff for your raid. However, with the new hunter rune Aspect of the Lion, Blessing of Kings may be less useful. Still, if you don't have a hunter in your raid or they choose another rune, it's definitely a nice buff to have.


For the runes, I recommend you take Divine Storm for the chest slot, as it provides an AOE tool and aggro tool, which is what we need. It’s also great if you go for the second talent build and you don’t have access to Consecration. The glove slot Hand of Reckoning is a must. It gives you a Taunt, increases the threat bonus from Righteous Fury to 80%, and causes you to gain Mana when healed by others equal to 25% of the amount healed. This means if you’re taking damage and getting healed, you won’t go oom (out of mana) hardly ever, which is great for us paladins.

The leg slot, I think Avenger's Shield is the one to go for. It’s an iconic paladin spell and a great AOE tool. It’s also great for pulling mobs and is a great threat generator for single-target encounters, making it great for bosses in BFD.

Pre-raid BiS Gear

Finally, we have the pre-raid BiS gear that’s going to help you out in BFD. I don’t think pre-raid BFD gear is absolutely set in stone for Season of Discovery, so try to aim for the best gear you can get, as it will help you in the raid. Of Course, make sure you have enough WoW SOD Gold to help you get this gear sets.

  • Head: Sparkmetal Coif & Green Tinted Goggles
  • Neck: Glowing Green Talisman & Sentinel's Medalion
  • Shoulders: Silvered Bronze Shoulders
  • Back: Cape of the Brotherhood & Engineers Cloak
  • Chest: Shining Silver Breastplate & Shifting Silver Breastplate & Phantom Armour
  • Bracers: Jimmied Handcuffs
  • Hands: Green Iron Gauntlets & Thorbia's Guantlets
  • Waist: Belt of the Stars
  • Legs: Chausses of Westfall
  • Boots: Green Iron Boots & Silver Linked Foorguards
  • Rings: Seal of Wrynn & Silverlaine's Family Seal
  • Trinkets: Rune of Duty
  • Main Weapon: Cruel Barb
  • Off-hand: Commanders Crest


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