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WOW Cataclysm Classic: These 5 New Rare Hunter Pets Will Bring Fun To Your Life! - Locations & Taming Tips

Posted: May 21, 2024

With the official release of WOW Cataclysm Classic, we’ve found some interesting new Hunter Pets added to the expansion for players to tame, including some rare pets and others that require completing challenges in subsequent patches.

Developer Kris Zierhut says that all the special encounter rare pets for Hunters introduced during Cataclysm’s launch will be available, and no changes have been made to their spawn timers, locations, or paths. In addition, the highly anticipated Taming Challenges will be available later, and these tamed beasts have special buffs and difficulties for Hunters.

In this guide, we’ll talk about Hunter Pets you can get when WoW Cataclysm launches. However, it’s important to remember that you must be at least the same level as the pet to tame it, which means you’ll have to wait until level 85 to get some of these rare pets. Many of these are Exotic Spirit Beasts, so they also require players to have the top-tier Beast Mastery Talent to capture them.

If you want to get these rare Hunter Pets as soon as you start the game, it is definitely a wise choice to prepare enough WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold.

WOW Cataclysm Classic: These 5 New Rare Hunter Pets Will Bring Fun To Your Life! - Locations & Taming Tips

Recommended Add-ons

For all of these, I recommend using the add-on SilverDragon to help notify you when they appear near you, and using a coordinate add-on like TomTom to tell you exactly where you are in the game. This way, you can always create a targeting macro for the pet you are hunting and put it on a keybind that can be easily sent.

5. Ghostcrawler

Ghostcrawler is a level 85 spectral crab Spirit Beast with a powerful Nerfbat ability that reduces the unfair attack of all skills. You will find it roaming in Abandoned Reef on the underwater continent of Vashj’ir.

This area is far underwater, and it may take a long time to find him, and you have to cover a large part of the area to find him. So even if you don’t level up in Vashj’ir, it is worth getting Seahorse Mounts for this.

Keep an eye on your shoulder when roaming, as the giant, elite monster Kolorath patrols this area, and he’s too powerful for one hunter to handle alone.

Ghostcrawler is easy to spot when it surfaces. His ghostly white figure makes him stand out in the dark water. But he has a long patrol route, and will regularly disappear and reappear along the route whether you tame him or not, so SilverDragon add-on is particularly useful here.

Unlike other pets, he can’t be captured, and he’s capable of a lot of damage. So it’s worth casting a Deterrence before starting to tame him.

Since Ghostcrawler runs through almost the entire Abandoned Reef area in the southwest corner of Vashj’ir’s Abyssal Depths zone, we can’t give his specific coordinates, but he does like to go closer to the southern/ocean-side ledge.

4. Karoma

In Cataclysm Classic, Hunters with enough Haste gear could tame Spectral Wolf briefly summoned by enemy Shamans in Swamp of Sorrows until the creature was repaired and no longer tameable.

Those who missed out will get a second chance with the level 85 Spirit Beast Karoma, whose Spectral Wolf Model is based on Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

You can find Karoma in one of six locations in the southeast quadrant of Twilight Highlands zone.

3. Sambas

If Karoma is Horde-Shaman-themed Hunter Pet in Twilight Highlands, then Sambas absolutely represents Alliance.

This level 85 Golden Lion is taken directly from Alliance logo and is based on the same model as the new 1,500 gold guild level 25 mount, Relics of the Sun King. He can be found in one of several locations in a loose arc at the top of the zone.

It’s worth noting that despite being rare, Sambas is not a Spirit Beast, so Non-Beast Mastery Hunters can tame him.

2. Terrorpene

Terrorpene is a level 81 Fire Turtle that patrols the eastern shore of Sulfuron Spire Lava Pit, near Firelands Raid instance in Mount Hyjal. He’s available now, but Firelands Raid itself won’t be available until after Molten Front patch is released.

He’s also not a Spirit Beast, so any Hunter can tame him. But his attacks are strong, so Deterrence is once again worth a try. If you’re not max level, buying a bottle of Potion of Speed ​​ahead of time will definitely help your taming process.

If you have Fishing skill, you can fish in Volatile Fire pools near Lava Pit while waiting for him to spawn for other gains.

1. Madexx

Madexx is a level 84 Scorpid in Uldum with a unique skin that matches the new Horde level-25 Guild Mount, just like Sambas matches Alliance version. Any Hunter can tame him.

He appears in five different colors, and will retain the color he appears in after being tamed. He comes in green, red, brown, black, and blue, and all colors will spawn in the same area of ​​Sahket Wastes between the rivers in northern Uldum.

Unfortunately, there is an Archaeology digsite in the area where Madexx is located, so it is difficult to find him alive. Or, if you want to look on the bright side, you will usually have something to do while waiting for him to appear.

So those are the five rare Hunter Pets that we can get after the release of WoW Cataclysm Classic. Good luck taming all the new pets!


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