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Throne And Liberty: All Weapons Showcased With New Combat Style!

Posted: Dec 01, 2023

Unlike many other MMO games, Throne and Liberty do not have predefined classes selected during character creation. Instead, your class is determined by the weapon you have equipped, and can be changed at will by simply changing the weapon you have equipped.

You can equip your character with two weapons in Throne and Liberty and swap them at will. Efficiently switching between equipped weapons to use their ability combinations will be an important skill to master when playing at high levels in the game.

The lack of predetermined classes in Throne and Liberty also means that players will have greater freedom in the game. Because they will be able to more easily adapt their roles to meet the requirements of different roles or situations.

And if you want one character for each profession, there’s no need to spend Throne and Liberty Lucent to create and upgrade multiple characters.

Currently, we know there are seven different weapon types coming to Throne and Liberty. We have seen these weapons in various gameplay footage and promotional materials released for the game. Here we will talk about these seven types of weapons in the future. Of course, there may be more available in the actual game.

Throne And Liberty: All Weapons Showcased With New Combat Style!

Sword And Shield

First off, Sword and Shield are likely to be the primary weapons used by tank characters in Throne and Liberty. In the video released for the game, we can see Throne and Liberty equipped characters pulling multiple enemies towards them. This suggests that equipping this weapon will give you greater Crowd Control abilities, and perhaps Taunt abilities.

Great Sword

This Great Sword is a melee weapon with additional AOE capabilities. Equipping it improves your ability to clear out multiple enemies at once. You can combine this with a ranged weapon like Bow to enhance the damage range of your DPS character.


We currently know very little about Bow in Throne and Liberty. But what we can learn is that it is a long-range focus weapon that can help you hit enemies from a distance.

It’s also worth noting that the developers put a lot of thought into the environment and how it interacts with combat. Therefore, plan for the wind direction in Throne and Liberty to be likely to have an impact on the arrows fired by your Bow. Depending on whether you are facing or away from the wind will largely affect the range of the weapon.


We don’t have any further details about Crossbow in Throne and Liberty at this time. But its functionality is likely to be similar to Bow. And probably like Bow, the wind will affect it.

Throne and Liberty: All Weapon Skill Showcase

Magical Staff

Magical Staff will allow players to use Elemental Magic on enemies. While we don’t know much about the exact abilities, we do understand that the environment will affect this weapon differently than the aforementioned bow.

For example, using Lightning skill in wet conditions can transform the skill from a single target to an AOE. Under the right conditions, it can result in a massive DPS boost.


In the game, we will probably use primarily Daggers as single-target melee weapons, perhaps with a stealth element. However, we currently don’t have any specific information on what abilities you’ll get by equipping them.

Wand And Tome

Wand and Tome will be another type of the magical weapon in Throne and Liberty, likely giving you different magical abilities than Magical Staff. We currently have no specific information on how the two weapons differ.

That’s everything we know about all seven weapon types in Throne and Liberty. Hopefully, these weapon showcases with new combat styles will help you get off to a better start in the game.


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