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Throne And Liberty: A Complete Guide To Gear, Skill & Stat Progression Systems

Posted: Nov 21, 2023

In this guide, I’ll cover Throne and Liberty’s gear, skill, and stat progression systems.

Throne And Liberty: A Complete Guide To Gear, Skill & Stat Progression Systems

Gear Rarity

Just like other popular MMOs, Throne and Liberty also has cloth, leather, and plate armor type systems. To get these armaments, you need to prepare enough Throne and Liberty Lucent.

These armaments fall into the typical MMO color gray categories of Uncommon, Rare and Epic rarities. Although we don’t currently know if there will be an orange or Legendary quality gear, it is safe to assume so.

You can upgrade the quality of your gear with materials obtained in game and your gold. It goes without saying that the higher the quality, the higher the stats the armor piece grants.

Skill Rarity

Just like gear, weapon skills are also classified by these color rankings and similar to armor they can be crafted and upgraded.

But unlike armor skill, rarity upgrades not only magnifies their base effect, but each grade also adds an additional one. For example, once you have upgraded an ability six times, it goes up in grade. You can find the current level of each skill at the bottom right here.

Throne And Liberty Skill Rarity

Upgrade Skills

Take Acute Dash for example:

  • 24-second-long cooldown
  • Usable only once

It doesn’t seem like much in its current state, right? Let’s see what happens when it’s upgraded to Blue.

Throne And Liberty Upgrade Skills

The ability now has two charges and almost 50% less cooldown. When upgraded again to Epic, its range increases by 10%, and at legendary level, it gains an extra charge for a total of 3.

The point is that upgrading your weapon abilities is a huge part of this game given that each skill rank dramatically changes the way your class plays.

At the moment, skills can only be enhanced to orange or legendary grade. But it is safe to speculate that there will be one tier above that similar to Wilds Artifact or Lost Ark’s ancient yellow rarities, expanding upon the game’s horizontal progression.

Materials For Upgrade

Armor and abilities are both crafted and upgraded with materials obtained throughout a variety of activities.

These materials vary based on the rarity of the gear or skill you’re pursuing. Some examples of multiple ways to obtain these upgrade materials are exploration, contracts, world boss events, and more.

Contracts are similar to bounties or quests in other games where an NPC or bulletin board offers you a task to complete in exchange for materials.

World boss events, just like contracts, offer materials needed to upgrade your armor and abilities or flat out drop the complete piece.

Now that auto hunting has been faced out of the game. NCSoft is adding a multitude of different types of content to help players with gear, skill, and overall character progression.

You also have set bonuses found in higher rarity armor pieces, which can also enhance the playstyle of the weapon type you have chosen.

Primary Stats

In Throne and Liberty, there are four major primary stats: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Perception.

Similar to other games, these stats are increased by spending points you receive when leveling up. We could also classify Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence as primaries and Perception as a secondary.

Although all three primaries provide a damage increase, they also have their own unique differences:

  1. Strength provides Defense and Max HP boost as well as HP Regeneration.
  2. Dexterity, on the other hand, offers Critical Chance, Evasion and Quickness (which I’m assuming is Movement and or Attack Speed).
  3. Intelligence provides Cooldown Reduction, Max MP increase as well as MP Regeneration.
  4. Perception increases the chance to land attacks and crowd controlled effects.

In most cases, players will use one of these three primaries in tandem with Perception, depending on the weapon type they’re using. There is also going to be some niche stat combination scenarios where healers, for example, will probably use something like Intelligence as their primary stat and Strength as the secondary for the extra HP boost.

But obviously, all of this information is subject to change by the time the game releases.


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