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Elden Ring: The Concertos of Blood and Meat - Guides on Sanguine Samurai Build

Posted: Sep 19, 2022

If you ask me what's the most exciting and powerful build in Elden Ring? The answer is absolute, Sanguine Samurai, I believe No one can deny a chance to become a samurai with a attractive weapon, good looking outfits and amazing damage in the game. Thus today I would like to share you guys the sanguine samurai build in level 150 for end game.

Firstly is the soul of a samurai, his Katana. In Elden Ring, Rivers of Blood is the weapon that we used in this build which is very powerful with the unique skill Corpse Piler which coast blood for more damages and famous all over the players community. It can deal both fire and physical damage with E-tier Strength, D-tire Arcane and B-tire Dexterity in Attribute Scaling. The point is this weapon skill isn’t just physical or just fire damage, its damage actually relate with the weapon level deeply and requirements of 12 Strength, 20 Arcane and 18 Dexterity to able to use it.

The Concertos of Blood and Meat - Guides on Sanguine Samurai Build1

But where can we find this weapon? Actually it is hard to find it at beginning, you have to go to snowy region of the game and find the Church of Repose, into the church you will find an invader, Bloody Finger Okina, and he is wielding the Rivers of Blood. After defeating him you will get his weapon.

The Concertos of Blood and Meat - Guides on Sanguine Samurai Build2

Secondly about the armor, the number one recommend armor is Okina Mask which increases your dexterity by plus three, next one is the White Mask which up your attack rating over 10 seconds as long as there are something losing blood around you.

Then when it comes to Talismans I use for this build, I have Rotten Winged Sword Insignia carrying filigreed crest Shard of Alexander and Lord of Blood's Exultation. Rotten Wing Sword Insignia is sort of an upgraded version of the Wing Sword Insignia, and increases your attack power by more percentage and you attack very quickly with Corpse Piler, so this builds up really really fast and increases your damage a lot.

The attribute points of this build is 50 vigor, 30 mine, 18 endurance, 12 strength, 48 dexterity, 9 intelligence, 15 faith and 50 arcane. Keep in mind that we're gaining three dexterity from the helmet that I'm wearing so this would actually be 45.

The Concertos of Blood and Meat - Guides on Sanguine Samurai Build3

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