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News Tag: SOD Phase 2 Reputation Changes

  • WOW Classic SOD: Significant Reputation Changes In Phase 2 - Ashenvale Event & Waylaid Supplies

    Posted: Jan 10, 2024

    WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 was just announced. We’re already seeing some reputation changes. These changes will help us prepare for Phase 2 launch because they might give us some hints at what are going to be some of the catch-up mechanics for people that have completed all of their quests for SOD Gold so that they can basically catch up with experience.

    Next, we will talk about the reputation changes in Ashenvale Event and Waylaid Supplies in Phase 2.

    Ashenvale Event

    The first one is that there is an actual difference between the Ashenvale Event now. We are actually getting more reputation than we were before. This was only giving you 2,000 reputation with Warsong Outriders whenever you turned in your weekly charm for the drums or for the other side of your alliance for basically the drums, the 5% buff. But now, if you turn in the Sentinel Charm or on the Alliance side, the counterpart to it, when you do this, we now get 1,000 reputation, 1,000 reputation, and one gold 20 silver, which means it is 5 times stronger.

    One thing you could technically theorize is that you’ll also get more experience. You’re supposed to get 2,000 experience at Level 25 for turning this in weekly, which is definitely something you should have ready to turn in your quest stack or not even in your quest stack, just in your inventory when you are preparing for leveling up. But that experience could be times by 5. Though, that it isn’t mainly because the gold amount that you are getting is still one gold and 20 silver, and that is a static amount compared to how much experience you would get from the quest.

    It is an easy way to counteract some premades you’re probably experiencing if you were farming the exalted reputation with Warsong Gulch. We had to leave Ashenvale and go farm Warsong Gulch itself if we want to get what should most likely be everybody’s full BiS entire phase bracers next phase. So having them give us a way to add on to that experience, just get more experience each week, is really nice because getting these bracers for everyone directly as you hit Level 40 from exalted with this reputation will fill out your pre-raid BiS and potentially even your BiS for next phase.

    Waylaid Supplies

    The other thing that might have changed in reputations, which we are going to check is going to be the Waylaid Supplies. So, I have one Waylaid Supplies for an Embossed Leather Vest. We're going to fill it out there, and we're going to go turn this in. This completed shipment should give me 450 reputation, and there was speculation before that potentially we could turn in these for more experience in the next phase.

    So, we will check it and there it is more reputation already. We are getting 4,495 reputation, so there actually was a reputation gain, although the experience is the same, 90 XP. So, XP changes haven't happened, although this is kind of a hint that we might see XP changes in the next phase. This actually would be crazy, and if we do see XP changes next phase, if you do this, it would be the actual most cracked out way of leveling ever.

    We've mapped out every single thing for this. If you're getting reputation gains that are somewhat similar at all or even half as strong as the reputations on average of Quests for those levels, then Waylaid Supplies would actually get you all the way to Level 29 right away as the launch of the next phase happens. So, we might see increases in XP later on. It looks like it's increases in your actual reputation gains.

    This is setting us up for the next phase - Phase 2. Start working on it.

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