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Some Path of Exile Raiders

Posted: Mar 08, 2022

Often referred to as the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed Diablo series, Path of Exile has proven to gamers around the world that it has a place in the action RPG genre. Path of Exile features a complex procedurally generated map that provides players with near-infinite replayability. With the latest expansion, Battle for Atlas, players can now enjoy even more end-game content, as well as the brutal Archnemesis Alliance. However, players who want to fully enjoy the game will want to know what mistakes to avoid during gameplay. One such mistake is not following the build guidelines, especially during a single-player league run. Luckily, Path of Exile has plenty of powerful single-player classes that can make any alliance a breeze. IGGM summarizes several methods for everyone here.

For example, the Mage Skeleton Necromancer is mainly based on summoning an army of undead skeletons, which means that players need to have a lot of mana potions to summon enough skeletons. Additionally, any ability to summon minions requires a long cast time, so players need to be prepared before jumping into battle, especially against bosses. Players will rely entirely on minion damage, which increases as the character levels up and gets stronger. In addition to putting points into mana, players also need to put in health and health regeneration. Finally, players need to master the Corrupted Gear so they can easily defeat advanced monsters and bosses. This single-class build has one of the best AOE damage outputs in Path of Exile. That's because the AOE skill's Construct Slam creates cracks in a wide area, which can easily destroy low-level mobs. But as a result, the Construct Slam Chieftain build lacks single-target damage, which can make boss fights a little tricky but doable. If players pair Construct Slam with Endurance Charge, they'll get explosive results that can hit 300 million+ damage. Additionally, players who like AOE-style gameplay will also appreciate the Scion class, one of the most underrated classes in the game. Elementalist is one of the best single damage classes in Path of Exile, especially if the player builds with the Elemental Strike Killer. One of the reasons it's a great single-player build is that it uses Elemental Strike, a skill that uses random elements (fire, cold, and lightning) to deal a lot of damage. What's more, if the player is equipped with a unique jewel that forces elemental hits to only use fire damage, it can reliably deal a lot of damage. This works especially well with Keystone: Avatar of Fire. When activated, this poisonous precursor gem will poison any creature near the player, and each stack of poison has a chance to summon an Affliction Creeper minion that uses ranged and area attacks. And, since the main class of the build is Juggernaut, players don't have to worry too much about getting killed. POE Currency is probably one of the most important currencies in Path of Exile, as they allow players to reroll modifiers on a piece of rare equipment.


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