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Resident Evil 4: A Complete Guide To Complete Chapter 6 Of Separate Ways

Posted: Feb 05, 2024

Commencing Chapter 6 of the Separate Ways DLC, Ada finds herself on the Island, greeted by an unexpected visit from Wesker. He discloses a shift in plans, urging her to connect an unknown device to the Island's control room.

Despite initial hesitance, Ada agrees to the task and embarks on a quest to find the Comms Facility, the designated location for using the device.

This Resident Evil 4 guide will relieve you of any difficulties you encounter in Chapter 6. Of course, if you have enough Resident Evil 4 Ptas, I suggest you better make sure you stock up enough weapons.

Resident Evil 4: A Complete Guide To Complete Chapter 6 Of Separate Ways

Concrete Steps For Chapter 6 Completion

The central goal of Chapter 6 focuses on connecting Wesker's device to the control systems located in the Comms Facility.

To fulfill this objective, Ada needs to first locate an entrance into the facility and face a laboratory creature to gain entry to the control room.

Below, you'll find a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to successfully completing these tasks.

Go For Facility 1

Entering Chapter 6, players must traverse the Amber Storeroom and container yard.

In the subsequent area, they will encounter an ambush by a group of soldiers and Brutes.

Fortunately, this segment can be bypassed by simply ascending the ramp near the crane and proceeding along the path leading into the room on the left.

Solve Electronic Door Puzzles In Facility 1

Starting at the Facility 1 Loft, players must progress towards the Freezer section.

To access it, they should follow the route extending from the Incubation Area to the Lab, where Leon previously solved Electronic Door Puzzles. Within the Freezer, a set of batteries awaits discovery.

Upon acquiring the power units, players need to maneuver through the narrow crevices in the wall, making their way back to the Facility 1 Loft and subsequently inserting the batteries into the vacant slot.

Here is a tip about how to kill Regeneradors in Chapter 6: Discounting the optional encounters, players will face 3 Regeneradors in the Lab section. To overcome these adversaries, they need to employ a Biosensor Scope and aim for their parasites.

Find & Enter Into the Comms Facility

The entrance to the Comms Facility is protected by gun emplacements. To gain entry, players must maneuver behind each turret and target the red barrel inside.

Upon descending into the fortified area, players ought to use the grappling hook to reach the opening on the right and advance, ensuring the destruction of any encountered turrets along the path.

Escape From Lab Creature's Pursuit

Within the Facility, players will find themselves pursued by a lab creature.

In the initial encounter, their strategy involves evading the creature by rotating the wheel and slipping through the partially open gate. This maneuver enables them to access the sewage canal and stealthily maneuver behind the creature.

Unlock Comms Facility Doors With Correct Code

Within the establishment, three locked doors require players to unlock them using Ada's I.R.I.S. vision. The process involves revealing the fingerprints on the keypads to deduce the correct passwords. The provided codes for each door are as follows:

  • First Door Code: 148
  • Second Door Code: 237
  • Third Door Code: 430

Navigate The Laser Trap

Upon unlocking the second door, players will face a corridor equipped with laser security. To maneuver through this obstacle, they must crouch and move through the openings in the laser beams. Yet, when dealing with the ultimate challenge, they are required to press the B button (Circle on PS) to leap through the advancing lasers.

Connect Wesker’s Device & Leave The Establishment

After obtaining entry to the control room, players need to link Wesker's device and get ready to exit the establishment.

However, their advancement is hindered by a last confrontation with the lab creature, requiring them to participate in a Quick Time Event (QTE) within the laser room. The QTE prompts in this segment are B, B, B, followed by RB (on PlayStation, Circle, Circle, Circle, and R1.)

Where Are All Treasure In Separate Ways?

In total, players can discover 10 treasures in the sixth chapter of Separate Ways. Here are the precise locations of each:

Treasure Locations Of Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

  1. Crystal Ore: Situated in the Amber Storeroom.
  2. Alexandrite: This item is suspended from the ceiling close to the Amber Storeroom, where players take an elevator down the container yard.
  3. Red Beryl: Located on the crane in the container yard.
  4. Ornate Beetle: Present in the Dissection room near the Freezer.
  5. Velvet Blue: Can be located in the room to the left of the Dissection area.
  6. Golden Lynx: Within the chest in the Utilities section. (This is the kitchen-like area in the Lab.)
  7. Gold Ingot: Found in the locked drawer of the storage past the Utilities section.
  8. Gold Bar: Concealed inside the garbage can in the middle of the turrets area.
  9. Sapphire: Suspended from the ceiling inside the Laboratory Storage in the Comms Facility’s entrance.
  10. Ornate Necklace: Positioned in the office across from the Amber Laboratory.


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