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Path Of Exile 3.24: How About This New Transfigured Gems Added To Necropolis League? - Tornado Of Elemental Turbulence

Posted: Apr 03, 2024

The arrival of Path of Exile 3.24 brings a series of exciting new content. The most attractive to me is the newly added Transfigured Gems to Necropolis League. Tornado of Elemental Turbulence is one of them. Its stats look pretty good, and it has the potential to be a very good single target skill.

In this guide, let’s talk about what this new Tornado of Elemental Turbulence skill gem is like and whether it’s worth using as a league starter.

Path Of Exile 3.24: How About This New Transfigured Gems Added To Necropolis League? - Tornado Of Elemental Turbulence

How Does Tornado Of Elemental Turbulence Work?

First, let’s see what this gem does. As the description says, it can convert physical damage into fire, cold or lightning damage.

In addition, Tornado will also chase enemies, especially when fighting Uber Catarina, Tornado’s movement speed is fast.

It has a base duration of 4 seconds and a hit rate of 0.25. So this skill basically hits 4 times in one second. You can also have 3 tornados at the same time, and both can hit the same target, causing extremely high additional damage. The damage efficiency of this skill will be around 780%, which is very high compared to other skills.

Also, don’t forget that you can adjust the duration of the skill so you only have to cast it every 4 seconds or so, depending on your duration.

Regarding gem quality, it can increase Tornado’s movement speed by 2%-40%. This is pretty fast, but still slightly inferior to the clear levels of Tornado Shot and Lightning Arrow.

It’s also worth mentioning that its base cast speed is 0.75 seconds slower, but you can use Clear Unleash in the link. Since the tornado can move and chase targets, this means they can even leave the screen if you have enough skill duration and movement speed. So in theory you could cast every 5 seconds and clear the pack easily.

Path Of Exile 3.24: Tornado Of Elemental Turbulence

How To Scale Damage?

Now let’s talk about scaling and Ascendancy you can choose for this skill.

Level scaling is the easiest way to add damage to your spell build. What’s really important is that the gems here also have Prismatic tags, so you can use Combat Focus jewels to force out the elements you want to scale. For example, you can have the skill only to deal cold damage so you have a Cold Tornado, or you can force fire and make a Fire Tornado.

It has Cold, Fire and Lightning tags, so any corresponding gem or skill tag increases will increase the damage of that skill.

In addition, if your POE Currency is enough, you can also purchase some unique items to use with this skill, resulting in higher damage capabilities. Assuming you use Combat Focus jewels to create Lightning or Fire Tornado, then you can use Replica Cold Iron Point Dagger to increase the skill by 6 levels.

Because the gem has a cold tag and you don’t take cold damage, you can choose between fire or lightning damage.

Path Of Exile 3.24: How To Scale Cold and Lightning Damage?

How To Stack More Poisons?

The main reason I’m so excited about this ability is because you can force fire damage away and then convert the fire damage into chaos.

To maximize damage, poison with chaos damage is a good way to do it. So what synergies well with poison? That must be Pathfinder.

So my theory is that you would use 2 Consuming Dark Daggers, so you would convert 60% of the fire damage into chaos, and then you could poison with chaos damage, since the daggers would give chaos damage a 120% poison chance. So you don’t have to put poison chance on the tree at all.

How To Convert Remaining Fire Damage?

The question now is, what are we going to do with the rest of the unconverted fire damage? I’m considering using Infernal Mantle body armor, which would make the gem level higher.

Therefore, by Consuming Dark and Infernal Mantle, we can increase Tornado level to 25. If we can get +1 corruption with gem corruption, then we can even get to level 26, which is a very large damage increase for all spell skills.

Path Of Exile: Infernal Mantle +1 Corruption

Additionally, chest converts 15% of fire damage to chaos, so we’re left with 25% of fire damage unconverted, which is acceptable.

The only big drawback of the chest is the increased spell damage taken on low mana, which is a very dangerous modifier for this item and very difficult to counter. Remember that most of the damage that is dangerous to us in the game is spells, this will make our life much more difficult.

Tornado Duration

Also, since by default, as a Pathfinder, you’ll be using Malevolence most of the time, this will also increase the duration of the tornado by 20% if you don’t take into account the increased aura effect of the tree.

So without adding any duration, your base duration of 4 seconds will become 4.8 seconds. But you can increase Entropy nodes on the tree by another 10% and add the aura effect. Because you’re going to get Charisma and the little nodes here and the effects at the top of the tree.

This is another 26% increased aura effect, so your 20% increased duration will become a 25% increased. This means your tornado duration will be 5.4 seconds, which is really huge.

Also, keep in mind that there are 3 tornados that stack poison on enemies, and that tornados are hit-based spells. Therefore, Pathfinder Ascendancy node Nature’s Reprisal will help stack Wither on the target. Since 3 tornados will hit every 0.25 enemies, stacking Wither is very easy. So in theory, poison seems to me to be an excellent choice.

Path Of Exile: Nature's Reprisal

Ascendancy Options For Non-Poison Variant

But if you want to play with a non-poison variant, there are some options. The most obvious Ascendancy choice is Inquisitor.

He can gain a high critical hit rate with Righteous Providence, and can ignore monsters’ elemental resistances with Inevitable Judgment. You can also use Righteous Fire to deal with extra damage that can be easily recovered.

Additionally, you also have access to a good elemental damage increasing nodes. Combat Focus setup here is very important if you want to use specific elemental damage types.

Can Archmage Or Traps Synergize With Tornado?

I want to talk about some things about Archmage here. A lot of people want to ask why not use Tornado with Archmage and the reason is Orb tag in gems.

In Necropolis League, Archmage no longer supports orb skills. Unfortunately, Tornado still has this tag, so this option has disappeared.

Path Of Exile: Archmage does not support Tornado?

You might also think of Tornado with Traps. Sure, it still works, but theoretically you can’t go beyond Tornado’s maximum limits. If you try this with the basic Tornado, it will disappear after your second traps are activated. But maybe there will be a bug in it and you can make more than 3 tornados.


All in all, I think this Tornado of Elemental Turbulence has huge potential to become an excellent skill. If it could be paired with Pathfinder, it would make for a powerful build. So, hurry up and give it a try!


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