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New World players complained about War PTR Test ending abruptly due to devs error

Posted: Jan 28, 2023

Some time ago, New World development team finally launched the long-awaited Leaderboards test. Just yesterday, the team held a PTR with the community, but the results were not as expected. According to most player statements, they ended this War PTR early because of some underlying backend bug. The discussion on this topic in the New World community is also intensifying, and many people who have high hopes for this are full of righteous indignation and ask the developers to find an explanation.

New World War PTR Test

In New World Reddit, many players expressed the feeling of being "played by" in their opinions.

  • Relevant-Guarantee25: "I get the feeling they did this on purpose so they can use it as an example in the next video lol";

  • darknetwork: "The devs can't even beat elite area with their own team."

  • WorldwideDepp: "Well, maybe we speak for them as if we know better, and the developers have their ears perked up because they think they really do know better... or maybe not. Yes, I am talking about arrogance".

New World War PTR Reddit

There are many other remarks that mocked New World’s behavior, mainly because of the early publicity of PTR, which made players have grand illusions and expectations, and because of the technical errors of the devs, which led to the serious failure of this event.

We all know that in the December 2022 New World’s Winter Convergence update, devs introduced some new rules to curb the fight against “Shell Companies” and make the war fairer. These rules mean that an attacking company can have a maximum of 25 mercenaries, while a defending company can have a maximum of 10 mercenaries. The rest of the roster can only be corporate members. And this rule also applies to War PTR.

New World Shell Companies

When the war started, although there were hundreds of players taking part in the battle, everything should have been carried out according to the rules. But the current facts show that the world is unpredictable! So when the devs realized that there was a serious problem, everything came to a screeching halt. This is a complete waste of a lot of New World Coins and hard work that players have prepared for PTR.

In the official New World CM post, they say they are trying to remove the restrictions on mercenaries when the war is moving too fast. The official response also promises to do better, especially after two abandoned PTR tests.

"While it's a different issue than the last time we had a war in the PTR, we respect that this has happened twice now and it's not a good time. We will take important steps to avoid this in the future."

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Even so, according to New World's current initiatives, we can see that devs still want to do a good job in Leaderboards. We should be able to see more tests. It's just that this mistake has greatly affected players' confidence in continuing to play New World. We can only say that let's look forward to what will happen next!


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